Final Presidential Debate - 22 October 2012


President Obama's only meeting with Israel was while he was a candidate in order to get votes in my view and expressing once he became President to the 1 billion 400 million Muslims that America has dictated to the world when the truth is America has freed people from dictatorships. Atop that, you can believe 1 trillion dollar deficits will be the norm for the next four years. Obama has divided Americans and offered citizens a way out from the worries of survival by offering food stamps and cash assistance. You think I want to be at odds with my fellow Americans after I served my country in the Navy, issued a disability and now living as a QUAD from a civilian construction accident when I fail from a roof and broke my neck February 5, 1985. I live on 1,080.00 a month and its hard to make it sometimes, but I will not collect food stamps or assistance other then what I earned fighting for everyone to enjoy liberty and freedom, yet those of you living under a rock, popping your head up once and awhile to tweet a comment on twitter or post a comment on the internet through facebook, etc., are exercising your right to free speech, yet Obama and his Sectary of State apologized for free speech to the world. How do you think America’s enemies see that? They burn our flag with Obama and Biden's heads atop dogs, sack our Embassies and kill Americans who have been provided no marine security because a consulate is not an Embassy, yet Romney will destroy America. My word, now I must accept the future that Obama wants for America, fundamentally changing America. No thank you kindly. Thanks to our President I must now tell other Americans that a 21 trillion dollar deficit is not sustainable because he won't. Obama and his thugs, experts in deception are the greatest threat to our Republic since the Civil War and if you don't see it, then your part of the problem. You want a peace of me, then bring your spiffy comments my way and I'll give you the tip of the day, Obama will not be reelected.


Diplomacy or War with Iran? - 21 October 2012


I hope we can always endure to be compassionate and loving for one another, while it is difficult to understand why so many ruthless people throughout the world know not the love the Almighty speaks of through our Lord Jesus Christ. I would much rather the world be at peace but as servants to our Lord and God the Father, we are duty bound to up hold the law set down by the Almighty, a struggle of good and evil, right and wrong, that through his mercy we should know our Lord Jesus father, the creator of the universe. When I exclaim the might of Iran’s military must be destroyed, I seek not revenge nor am I uncompassionate to the many that would perish in a war primly consisting of missiles and bombs, yet I must defend the principles set down by our creator and a free society until our Lord Jesus establishes his rule and Kingdom on earth. No one or country ruled by anyone has the right to kill me because of my beliefs or force me to follow there ideological views and while I won't force anyone to believe my views I will fight to keep them.


While we wait, Iran becomes stronger and more countries gather to her side witnessing the U. S. resolve to fight the war on terror but no military action other then operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unless our government does something soon, within a matter of 6-months or less, Iran will have a reactor on line.

Iran has been identified as the world’s leading state sponsor of international terrorism, funding Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas, as well as Shiite insurgent groups, Iran is even recruiting its youth and students across the Middle East for suicide operations against Western targets.

Religious extremism, particularly Islamic fundamentalism, is one of the key dangers in the world today. The Iranian President is a religious extremist who believes that it is his destiny to trigger a period of chaos, war and bloodshed in order for Islam to dominate the world.

Nuclear proliferation is one of the greatest dangers to world peace. We must act to stop Iran before it can develop nuclear technology, because the Iranian President has said that he would share nuclear technology with other Muslims.

The President of Iran believes that he is creating an Islamic “superpower,” which will bring down the West, including the United States. He says that he will have hundreds of millions of Muslim “holy raiders” eager to become martyrs.

The Iranian President does not believe the Holocaust happened and has called for the destruction of Israel. If we do not act, we run the risk of placating an extremist and making the same mistake we made with Hitler, which led to World War II and the deaths of millions.


President Obama’s path to peace is through sanctions against Iran and when Americans are killed over seas, the loss of lives is seen as not being optimal, what ever that means.


Iran’s leader warned the West against supporting Israel in October 2006.


"Ahmadinejad repeated that Iran would not give in to international demands to suspend its uranium enrichment program, and dismissed efforts at the United Nations to impose sanctions on Iran."

Iranian leader threatens Israel's allies in 2006 and 2012


"In 2006, Ahmadinejad called the U.N. Security Council and all its decisions "illegitimate" and said the world body was being used as a tool of Iran's enemies — the United States and Britain.

"Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned that Iran would have "a price to pay" if it does not give up its nuclear ambitions — and hinted Israel might be forced to take action.

He did not specifically threaten to cripple Iran's nuclear program with a military strike, as Israel did 25 years ago in Iraq when it sent combat planes to destroy an unfinished nuclear reactor. But Olmert, en route home from a three-day trip to Moscow, said Thursday the Iranians should "be afraid" of the consequences of their defiance.

"They have to understand that if they object to every compromise, there will be a price to pay," he said.

On Friday, Israel's army chief, Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz, said Israel cannot ignore the threat of a nuclear Iran. "This combination of nuclear weapons and an extreme regime which has the clear goal of destroying Israel, is a combination to which we cannot remain indifferent," Halutz said."


Iran has had 7 years free realm to work on their nuclear program and is now very close to where it can build a dirty bomb and all America can do is stand by and watch.


When Iran finally has its dirty bomb fuel, when the bomb is detonated by there buddies, what will America do?


Nuking Iran would be one option. Yet conventional warfare would be the best option even though it would be after the fact.


In my view attacking first, delivering a blow that would destroy every military asset should be on the table.


The old days are long gone, because if Israel destroys the nuclear power enrichment facilities of Iran, hundreds of engineers and scientists would be killed in particular and in general anyone in the facilities.


Do you think for one minute Iran would set idle?


Rockets are being launched into Israel from Southern Lebanon by Hezbollah, 55 the other day.


Israel is missing a golden opportunity by not attacking Hezbollah, its Leader among the ruling class of Lebanon.


In 2006, Hezbollah did not have the political power it has now.


To hear President Obama speak, terrorism is all but defeated in Afghanistan with the death of Bin Laden, so security at embassies in the Middle East is not really necessary or at least until Americans were killed.


It’s terrible when an American must now think marines are not authorized to protect diplomats.


In fact, there is so much crap coming from the White House these days, there isn’t enough toilet paper to wipe it out.


When President Obamas staff can spin for weeks why the Libyan Embassy with no marines was attacked, in contrast to the Presidents statements, I’m left with thinking Obama has no control over his rouge Ambassadors.


At the same time, international treaties no media outlets will talk about will if President Obama has is way, will strip away American of powers the constitution originated in areas of assault weapons, not that I think they should be in the hands of bad people who have bad intentions, taxes on billionaires and America for pollutants, revenue administered by the United Nations once received by industrial countries, headed to poor countries who don’t pollutant as much I guess.


President Obamas and congress inability to issue purple hearts for Fort Hood victims suggest anyone can attack a military base in America from within the ranks, kill as many as possible and its declared domestic violence even though the U.S.


Some how I don’t feel as safe as I should feel, because our government seeks peace without strength.


Economic strength is associated with military strength.


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