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Mexico should be required to honor U. S. Laws - August 14, 2001)


I have written many letters to our elected officials, some short and some long. I am pleased that Senator Murray and Senator Shelby addressed to President Bush of those concerns others and I submitted to President Bush. The House and the Senate's position on NAFTA Mexican truck issue sends a clear message to the White House:

"Mexican trucks entering the U. S. should be required to honor U. S. standards and laws prior to entrance into the U. S."

President Bush's administration seems to think Mexican trucks need 18 months traveling our highways in order to earn enough revenue before they meet U. S. standards and laws. Otherwise, why would President Bush threaten to veto the Senate's stand on NAFTA Mexican Trucks?

Several differences in policy with the Bush Administration and the Senate seems to focus on CVSA Stickers and U. S. DOT Motor Carrier Safety Inspections held at the Mexican Trucking Business home base, as is required by trucking businesses in Canada and the U. S. The Bush Administration feels Motor Carrier Safety inspections for Mexican Carriers should take place at the border 18 months from January 1, 2001 and requiring every truck to be inspected upon entrance and issued a CVSA sticker is to tough.

Presently Mexican trucks have been sited in 26 states, exceeding the 20-mile zone and in 25 of the 27 border crossings the U. S. DOT Inspector General reported there were no Federal or State Inspectors on duty.

In fact, at most the border crossings there is limited space for out of service and inspection areas.

The final out come of the Senate's and two to one House support of equal treatment with Mexican Motor Carriers in comparison to those standards Canada and U. S. Motor Carriers must meet will not be known until September 5.

Something is in the air and I can tell you the fight is not over.





How did your elected representative vote in the recent House action barring Mexican trucks?



"By a vote of 285 to 143, the House of Representatives voted last week to deny the Department of Transportation the ability to register Mexican carriers to operate throughout the United States. This move bars Mexican trucks from operating beyond the commercial zones of border cities in the U.S.

For a report on how your elected representatives voted, go to the list below and you can find your Congressman by the state where you live. If you like the way your elected representative voted on this issue, let him or her know!

OOIDA applauds the action and Jim Johnston, President of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, said, "The size of this vote shows, that while there may be Congressional support for NAFTA, there is significant concern for the potentially devastating highway safety impact of allowing Mexican trucks unfettered access to U.S. highways."

OOIDA now urges the Senate Appropriations Committee to make the Sabo amendment part of its transportation bill.

Meanwhile, according to a White House spokesman, President Bush was disappointed with the House vote and is going to work to reverse it. The most logical place to undo the House vote would be in the House/Senate conference committee that will negotiate the final details for transportation spending. While virtually anything can happen in a conference committee, if the U.S. Senate were to agree with the House that the border with Mexico is not ready to be opened to trucks, it would be very difficult for President Bush to open the border next January."

Here's the way they voted:

Representative Party State District Vote
Aderholt, Robert B. R AL 4th N
Callahan, Sonny R AL 1st N
Cramer, Robert E. (Bud), Jr. D AL 5th Y
Everett, Terry R AL 2nd N
Hilliard, Earl F. D AL 7th Y
Riley, Bob R AL 3rd N
Young, Don R AK At Large Y
Hayworth, J. D. R AZ 6th N
Kolbe, Jim R AZ 5th N
Pastor, Ed D AZ 2nd N
Shadegg, John B. R AZ 4th N
Flake, Jeff R AZ 1st N
Stump, Bob R AZ 3rd N
Berry, Marion D AR 1st Y
Hutchinson, Asa R AR 3rd N
Ross, Mike D AR 4th Y
Snyder, Vic D AR 2nd Y
Baca, Joe D CA 42nd Y
Becerra, Xavier D CA 30th Y
Berman, Howard L. D CA 26th Y
Bono, Mary R CA 44th Y
Calvert, Ken R CA 43rd Y
Capps, Lois D CA 22nd Y
Condit, Gary A. D CA 18th Y
Cox, Christopher R CA 47th N
Cunningham, Randy "Duke" R CA 51st Y
Davis, Susan A. D CA 49th Y
Dooley, Calvin M. D CA 20th N
Doolittle, John T. R CA 4th Y
Dreier, David R CA 28th N
Eshoo, Anna G. D CA 14th Y
Farr, Sam D CA 17th Y
Filner, Bob D CA 50th Y
Gallegly, Elton R CA 23rd Y
Harman, Jane D CA 36th Y
Herger, Wally R CA 2nd N
Honda, Michael M. D CA 15th Y
Horn, Stephen R CA 38th Y
Hunter, Duncan R CA 52nd Y
Issa, Darrell E. R CA 48th N
Lantos, Tom D CA 12th Y
Lee, Barbara D CA 9th Y
Lewis, Jerry R CA 40th N
Lofgren, Zoe D CA 16th Y
McKeon, Howard P. "Buck" R CA 25th N
Matsui, Robert T. D CA 5th Y
Millender-McDonald, Juanita R CA 37th Y
Miller, Gary G. R CA 41st N
Miller, George D CA 7th Y
Napolitano, Grace F. D CA 34th Y
Ose, Doug R CA 3rd N
Pelosi, Nancy D CA 8th Y
Pombo, Richard W. R CA 11th Y
Radanovich, George R CA 19th N
Rohrabacher, Dana R CA 45th N
Roybal-Allard, Lucille D CA 33rd Y
Royce, Edward R. R CA 39th Y
Sanchez, Loretta D CA 46th Y
Schiff, Adam B. D CA 27th Y
Sherman, Brad D CA 24th Y
Solis, Hilda L. D CA 31st Y
Stark, Fortney Pete D CA 13th Y
Tauscher, Ellen O. D CA 10th Y
Thomas, William M. R CA 21st N
Thompson, Mike D CA 1st Y
Waters, Maxine D CA 35th Y
Watson, Diane E. D CA 32nd Y
Waxman, Henry A. D CA 29th Y
Woolsey, Lynn C. D CA 6th Y
DeGette, Diana D CO 1st Y
Hefley, Joel R CO 5th Y
McInnis, Scott R CO 3rd N
Schaffer, Bob R CO 4th Y
Tancredo, Thomas G. R CO 6th Y
Udall, Mark D CO 2nd Y
Johnson, Nancy L. R CT 6th N
DeLauro, Rosa L. D CT 3rd Y
Larson, John B. D CT 1st Y
Maloney, James H. D CT 5th Y
Shays, Christopher R CT 4th Y
Simmons, Rob R CT 2nd N
Castle, Michael N. R DE At Large Y
Bilirakis, Michael R FL 9th Y
Boyd, Allen D FL 2nd Y
Brown, Corrine D FL 3rd Y
Crenshaw, Ander R FL 4th Y
Davis, Jim D FL 11th Y
Deutsch, Peter D FL 20th Y
Diaz-Balart, Lincoln R FL 21st N
Foley, Mark R FL 16th Y
Goss, Porter J. R FL 14th N
Hastings, Alcee L. D FL 23rd Y
Keller, Ric R FL 8th N
Meek, Carrie P. D FL 17th Y
Mica, John L. R FL 7th Y
Miller, Dan R FL 13th N
Putnam, Adam H. R FL 12th NA
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana R FL 18th Y
Scarborough, Joe R FL 1st Y
Shaw, E. Clay, Jr. R FL 22nd N
Stearns, Cliff R FL 6th Y
Thurman, Karen L. D FL 5th Y
Weldon, Dave R FL 15th Y
Wexler, Robert D FL 19th Y
Young, C. W. Bill R FL 10th N
Barr, Bob R GA 7th Y
Bishop, Sanford D., Jr. D GA 2nd Y
Chambliss, Saxby R GA 8th Y
Collins, Mac R GA 3rd Y
Deal, Nathan R GA 9th Y
Isakson, Johnny R GA 6th N
Kingston, Jack R GA 1st N
Lewis, John D GA 5th Y
Linder, John R GA 11th N
McKinney, Cynthia A. D GA 4th Y
Norwood, Charlie R GA 10th Y
Abercrombie, Neil D HI 1st Y
Mink, Patsy T. D HI 2nd Y
Otter, C. L. "Butch" R ID 1st N
Simpson, Michael K. R ID 2nd N
Biggert, Judy R IL 13th N
Blagojevich, Rod R. D IL 5th Y
Costello, Jerry F. D IL 12th Y
Crane, Philip M. R IL 8th N
Davis, Danny K. D IL 7th Y
Evans, Lane D IL 17th Y
Gutierrez, Luis V. D IL 4th Y
Hastert, J. Dennis R IL 14th NA
Hyde, Henry J. R IL 6th Y
Jackson, Jesse L., Jr. D IL 2nd Y
Johnson, Timothy V. R IL 15th Y
Kirk, Mark Steven R IL 10th Y
LaHood, Ray R IL 18th Y
Lipinski, William O. D IL 3rd Y
Manzullo, Donald A. R IL 16th Y
Phelps, David D. D IL 19th Y
Rush, Bobby L. D IL 1st Y
Schakowsky, Janice D. D IL 9th Y
Shimkus, John R IL 20th Y
Weller, Jerry R IL 11th Y
Burton, Dan R IN 6th NA
Buyer, Steve R IN 5th Y
Carson, Julia D IN 10th Y
Hill, Baron P. D IN 9th Y
Hostettler, John N. R IN 8th N
Kerns, Brian D. R IN 7th N
Pence, Mike R IN 2nd N
Roemer, Tim D IN 3rd Y
Souder, Mark E. R IN 4th Y
Visclosky, Peter J. D IN 1st Y
Boswell, Leonard L. D IA 3rd Y
Ganske, Greg R IA 4th Y
Latham, Tom R IA 5th N
Leach, James A. R IA 1st Y
Nussle, Jim R IA 2nd Y
Moore, Dennis D KS 3rd Y
Moran, Jerry R KS 1st Y
Ryun, Jim R KS 2nd N
Tiahrt, Todd R KS 4th N
Fletcher, Ernie R KY 6th N
Lewis, Ron R KY 2nd N
Lucas, Ken D KY 4th Y
Northup, Anne M. R KY 3rd N
Rogers, Harold R KY 5th N
Whitfield, Ed R KY 1st N
Baker, Richard H. R LA 6th N
Cooksey, John, R LA 5th N
Jefferson, William J. D LA 2nd Y
John, Christopher D LA 7th Y
McCrery, Jim R LA 4th N
Tauzin, W. J. (Billy) R LA 3rd Y
Vitter, David R LA 1st N
Allen, Thomas H. D ME 1st Y
Baldacci, John Elias D ME 2nd Y
Bartlett, Roscoe G. R MD 6th N
Cardin, Benjamin L. D MD 3rd Y
Cummings, Elijah E. D MD 7th Y
Ehrlich, Robert L., Jr. R MD 2nd N
Gilchrest, Wayne T. R MD 1st N
Hoyer, Steny H. D MD 5th Y
Morella, Constance A. R MD 8th Y
Wynn, Albert Russell D MD 4th Y
Capuano, Michael E. D MA 8th Y
Delahunt, William D. D MA 10th Y
Frank, Barney D MA 4th Y
McGovern, James P. D MA 3rd Y
Markey, Edward J. D MA 7th Y
Meehan, Martin T. D MA 5th Y
Moakley, John Joseph D MA 9th NA
Neal, Richard E. D MA 2nd Y
Olver, John W. D MA 1st Y
Tierney, John F. D MA 6th Y
Barcia, James A. D MI 5th Y
Bonior, David E. D MI 10th Y
Camp, Dave R MI 4th Y
Conyers, John, Jr. D MI 14th Y
Dingell, John D. D MI 16th Y
Ehlers, Vernon J. R MI 3rd N
Hoekstra, Peter R MI 2nd Y
Kildee, Dale E. D MI 9th Y
Kilpatrick, Carolyn C. D MI 15th Y
Knollenberg, Joe R MI 11th N
Levin, Sander M. D MI 12th Y
Rivers, Lynn N. D MI 13th Y
Rogers, Mike R MI 8th N
Smith, Nick R MI 7th N
Stupak, Bart D MI 1st Y
Upton, Fred R MI 6th Y
Gutknecht, Gil R MN 1st Y
Kennedy, Mark R. R MN 2nd N
Luther, Bill D MN 6th Y
McCollum, Betty D MN 4th Y
Oberstar, James L. D MN 8th Y
Peterson, Collin C. D MN 7th Y
Ramstad, Jim R MN 3rd N
Sabo, Martin Olav D MN 5th Y
Pickering, Charles W. "Chip" R MS 3rd Y
Shows, Ronnie D MS 4th Y
Taylor, Gene D MS 5th Y
Thompson, Bennie G. D MS 2nd Y
Wicker, Roger F. R MS 1st N
Akin, W. Todd R MO 2nd N
Blunt, Roy R MO 7th N
Clay, Wm. Lacy D MO 1st Y
Emerson, Jo Ann R MO 8th N
Gephardt, Richard A. D MO 3rd Y
Graves, Sam R MO 6th N
Hulshof, Kenny C. R MO 9th N
McCarthy, Karen D MO 5th Y
Skelton, Ike D MO 4th Y
Rehberg, Dennis R. R MT At Large N
Bereuter, Doug R NE 1st N
Osborne, Tom R NE 3rd N
Terry, Lee R NE 2nd N
Berkley, Shelley D NV 1st Y
Gibbons, Jim R NV 2nd N
Bass, Charles F. R NH 2nd N
Sununu, John E. R NH 1st N
Andrews, Robert E. D NJ 1st Y
Ferguson, Mike R NJ 7th Y
Frelinghuysen, Rodney P. R NJ 11th N
Holt, Rush D. D NJ 12th Y
LoBiondo, Frank A. R NJ 2nd Y
Menendez, Robert D NJ 13th Y
Pallone, Frank, Jr. D NJ 6th Y
Pascrell, Bill, Jr. D NJ 8th Y
Payne, Donald M. D NJ 10th Y
Rothman, Steven R. D NJ 9th Y
Roukema, Marge R NJ 5th Y
Saxton, Jim R NJ 3rd Y
Smith, Christopher H. R NJ 4th Y
Skeen, Joe R NM 2nd N
Udall, Tom D NM 3rd Y
Wilson, Heather R NM 1st N
Ackerman, Gary L. D NY 5th Y
Boehlert, Sherwood L. R NY 23rd Y
Crowley, Joseph D NY 7th Y
Engel, Eliot L. D NY 17th Y
Fossella, Vito R NY 13th Y
Gilman, Benjamin A. R NY 20th Y
Grucci, Felix J., Jr. R NY 1st Y
Hinchey, Maurice D. D NY 26th Y
Houghton, Amo R NY 31st N
Israel, Steve D NY 2nd Y
Kelly, Sue W. R NY 19th Y
King, Peter T. R NY 3rd Y
LaFalce, John J. D NY 29th Y
Lowey, Nita M. D NY 18th Y
McCarthy, Carolyn D NY 4th Y
McHugh, John M. R NY 24th Y
McNulty, Michael R. D NY 21st Y
Maloney, Carolyn B. D NY 14th Y
Meeks, Gregory W. D NY 6th Y
Nadler, Jerrold D NY 8th Y
Owens, Major R. D NY 11th Y
Quinn, Jack R NY 30th Y
Rangel, Charles B. D NY 15th Y
Reynolds, Thomas M. R NY 27th N
Serrano, José E. D NY 16th N
Slaughter, Louise McIntosh D NY 28th Y
Sweeney, John E. R NY 22nd NA
Towns, Edolphus D NY 10th Y
Velázquez, Nydia M. D NY 12th N
Walsh, James T. R NY 25th N
Weiner, Anthony D. D NY 9th Y
Ballenger, Cass R NC 10th N
Burr, Richard R NC 5th N
Clayton, Eva M. D NC 1st Y
Coble, Howard R NC 6th N
Etheridge, Bob D NC 2nd Y
Hayes, Robin R NC 8th N
Jones, Walter B. R NC 3rd Y
McIntyre, Mike D NC 7th Y
Myrick, Sue Wilkins R NC 9th N
Price, David E. D NC 4th Y
Taylor, Charles H. R NC 11th N
Watt, Melvin L. D NC 12th Y
Pomeroy, Earl D ND At Large Y
Boehner, John A. R OH 8th N
Brown, Sherrod D OH 13th Y
Chabot, Steve R OH 1st Y
Gillmor, Paul E. R OH 5th N
Hall, Tony P. D OH 3rd Y
Hobson, David L. R OH 11th N
Kaptur, Marcy D OH 9th Y
Kucinich, Dennis J. D OH 10th Y
LaTourette, Steven C. R OH 19th NA
Ney, Robert W. R OH 18th Y
Oxley, Michael G. R OH 4th N
Portman, Rob R OH 2nd N
Pryce, Deborah R OH 15th N
Regula, Ralph R OH 16th N
Sawyer, Tom D OH 14th Y
Strickland, Ted D OH 6th Y
Tiberi, Patrick J. R OH 12th N
Traficant, James A., Jr. D OH 17th Y
Carson, Brad D OK 2nd Y
Istook, Ernest J., Jr. R OK 5th N
Largent, Steve R OK 1st N
Lucas, Frank D. R OK 6th Y
Watkins, Wes R OK 3rd N
Watts, J. C., Jr. R OK 4th N
Blumenauer, Earl D OR 3rd Y
DeFazio, Peter A. D OR 4th Y
Hooley, Darlene D OR 5th Y
Walden, Greg R OR 2nd N
Wu, David D OR 1st Y
Borski, Robert A. D PA 3rd Y
Brady, Robert A. D PA 1st Y
Coyne, William J. D PA 14th Y
Doyle, Michael F. D PA 18th Y
English, Phil R PA 21st Y
Fattah, Chaka D PA 2nd Y
Gekas, George W. R PA 17th N
Greenwood, James C. R PA 8th N
Hart, Melissa A. R PA 4th Y
Hoeffel, Joseph M. D PA 13th Y
Holden, Tim D PA 6th Y
Kanjorski, Paul E. D PA 11th Y
Mascara, Frank D PA 20th Y
Murtha, John P. D PA 12th Y
Peterson, John E. R PA 5th N
Pitts, Joseph R. R PA 16th N
Platts, Todd Russell R PA 19th NA
Sherwood, Don R PA 10th Y
Shuster, Bill R PA 9th Y
Toomey, Patrick J. R PA 15th N
Weldon, Curt R PA 7th Y
Langevin, James R. D RI 2nd Y
Kennedy, Patrick J. D RI 1st Y
Brown, Henry E., Jr. R SC 1st N
Clyburn, James E. D SC 6th Y
DeMint, Jim R SC 4th N
Graham, Lindsey O. R SC 3rd N
Spence, Floyd R SC 2nd N
Spratt, John M., Jr. D SC 5th Y
Thune, John R. R SD At Large Y
Bryant, Ed R TN 7th N
Clement, Bob D TN 5th Y
Duncan, John J., Jr. R TN 2nd Y
Ford, Harold E., Jr. D TN 9th Y
Gordon, Bart D TN 6th Y
Hilleary, Van R TN 4th Y
Jenkins, William L. R TN 1st N
Tanner, John S. D TN 8th Y
Wamp, Zach R TN 3rd N
Armey, Richard K. R TX 26th N
Barton, Joe R TX 6th N
Bentsen, Ken D TX 25th Y
Bonilla, Henry R TX 23rd N
Brady, Kevin R TX 8th N
Combest, Larry R TX 19th Y
Culberson, John Abney R TX 7th N
DeLay, Tom R TX 22nd N
Doggett, Lloyd D TX 10th Y
Edwards, Chet D TX 11th Y
Frost, Martin D TX 24th Y
Gonzalez, Charles A. D TX 20th N
Granger, Kay R TX 12th N
Green, Gene D TX 29th Y
Hall, Ralph M. D TX 4th Y
Hinojosa, Rubén D TX 15th N
Jackson-Lee, Sheila D TX 18th Y
Johnson, Eddie Bernice D TX 30th Y
Johnson, Sam R TX 3rd N
Lampson, Nick D TX 9th Y
Ortiz, Solomon P. D TX 27th N
Paul, Ron R TX 14th N
Reyes, Silvestre D TX 16th N
Rodriguez, Ciro D. D TX 28th Y
Sandlin, Max D TX 1st Y
Sessions, Pete R TX 5th Y
Smith, Lamar S. R TX 21st N
Stenholm, Charles W. D TX 17th N
Thornberry, Mac R TX 13th N
Turner, Jim D TX 2nd Y
Cannon, Chris R UT 3rd N
Hansen, James V. R UT 1st N
Matheson, Jim D UT 2nd Y
Sanders, Bernard I VT At Large Y
Boucher, Rick D VA 9th Y
Cantor, Eric R VA 7th N
Davis, Jo Ann R VA 1st Y
Davis, Tom R VA 11th N
Forbes, J. Randy R VA 4th N
Goode, Virgil H., Jr. I VA 5th Y
Goodlatte, Bob R VA 6th Y
Moran, James P. D VA 8th Y
Schrock, Edward L. R VA 2nd N
Scott, Robert C. D VA 3rd Y
Wolf, Frank R. R VA 10th Y
Baird, Brian D WA 3rd Y
Dicks, Norman D. D WA 6th Y
Dunn, Jennifer R WA 8th N
Hastings, Doc R WA 4th N
Inslee, Jay D WA 1st Y
Larsen, Rick D WA 2nd Y
McDermott, Jim D WA 7th Y
Nethercutt, George R., Jr. R WA 5th N
Smith, Adam D WA 9th Y
Capito, Shelley Moore R WV 2nd Y
Mollohan, Alan B. D WV 1st Y
Rahall, Nick J., II D WV 3rd Y
Baldwin, Tammy D WI 2nd Y
Barrett, Thomas M. D WI 5th Y
Green, Mark R WI 8th Y
Kind, Ron D WI 3rd Y
Kleczka, Gerald D. D WI 4th Y
Obey, David R. D WI 7th Y
Petri, Thomas E. R WI 6th N
Ryan, Paul R WI 1st Y
Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. R WI 9th Y
Cubin, Barbara R WY At Large N

Information relating to Fuel Surcharge is intended for the benefit of truckers and was originally submitted by OOIDA and is available at OOIDA, Landline magazine.

My views are those of a small trucking business and agent for a Freight Forwarding firm and trucking company with Owner-Operators leased on.





Is Mexico commercial infrastructure ready to accommodate hundreds of thousands of American trucks? - August 19, 2002


May 24, 2001, Sen. Ernest Hollings (D-SC) and Rep. Jim Oberstar (D-MN) initially requested the U.S. Department of Transportation's Inspector General to analysis and issue a status report relating to safety and enforcement regulations before an increase of an estimated 190,000 Mexican trucks are allowed complete access to the U. S. highways and byways.


The IG pointed out that enforcement capabilities differ at each border crossing. At 20 crossings, FMCSA inspectors did not have dedicated telephone lines to access databases, such as those for validating a commercial driver's license. At 19 crossings, inspectors had space to inspect only one or two trucks at a time. According to the report, at 14 crossings, inspectors had only one or two spaces to park vehicles placed out of service. Also, the out-of-service space was shared with the inspection space at the majority of these crossings."  DOT "Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta June 27, 2002 announced that the Department of Transportation (DOT) is "confident that we have achieved our goal of setting a firm safety foundation" for Mexican trucks to operate in the

United States, as required under the terms of the North American Free

Trade Agreement (NAFTA)." http://usinfo.state.gov/regional/ar/mexico/02062702.htm


Is Mexico commercial infrastructure ready to accommodate hundreds of thousands of American trucks?


In addition to public safety concerns 190,000 Mexican trucks represent to Americans while travailing the highways and byways of America, inspection stations on U. S. Mexico boarders has been addressed.


There are still many negative factors that play a significant role for both U. S. Motor Carriers entering Mexico and Mexico Trucking Companies:


Lack of security in Mexican highways.


An aging Mexican Truck fleet.


High costs of operation.


The lack of security on Mexican highways is, by far, the largest problem affecting this industry.  The soaring cost of insurance is the result.  Moreover, some insurance companies have refused to insure cargo.  As a result, transportation companies and their customers lose business opportunities.  According to the Mexican Association of Insurance Companies (Asociacon Mexicana de Instituciones de Seguros-AMIS), the transport insurance business paid trucking losses at an incident rate of 78 percent in 1997. 

This rate reached 93 percent in 1996 making insurance costs the biggest barrier to trucking firms.  Among the solutions being tried is the use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to locate trucks at all times.  For further information on the Mexican market for GPS see the ISA titled:





According to the Secretariat of Communications and Transports (Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes-SCT), there were 332,500 trucks in Mexico in 1997.  Of those trucks, 297,215 are used to transport general cargo and the remaining 35,285 vehicles are used to transport specialized cargo.  The average age of the fleet is 15 years.  Age translates into high operational costs and increased probability of accidents and resulting in higher costs to potential customers.  Most trucking firms claim that their operational costs are high

because the price of diesel fuel increases on a monthly basis and spare parts are expensive.  In addition, highway tolls and other fees are high.  Making things worse, new regulations have limited the weight of cargo and the dimensions of vehicles.


There are approximately 4,700 trucking firms.  Some 1,400 firms are small and individually or family-owned.  Usually these firms have one to 50 vehicles and operate within a limited number of cities or along routes linking small and medium towns.  They usually offer general cargo services rather than specialized

transportation services.  Another 3,250 companies constitute the core of the fleet, each having 50-100 vehicles.  These offer nation-wide service, have offices in more than one city and most have reached complementary agreements with foreign firms.  Some offer general as well as specialized cargo services.  The remaining 50 firms have more than 100 vehicles apiece.  These firms also offer national coverage, have offices in several cities and offer other transportation-related services such as storage and distribution.


All these firms travel along Mexico's highway network that stretches for 196,327 miles.  Of this figure, 30,563 miles are federal roads, 37,848 miles are state, 96,571 miles are rural and the remaining 31,345 miles are breach roads."



What do we know about Mexico's commercial infrastructure in relationship to those concerns American Motor Carriers have when travailing in Mexico?


The condition of highways and gravel roads determines the time involved in transporting cargo, freight or produce.


Having a greater understanding of city and county road weight and length restrictions for commercial vehicles allows Motor Carriers to avoid heavy fines and tickets.  International Hazardous waste placards are a given but where can't you haul a trailer with certain types of cargo.  In Colorado you're restricted from hauling chemicals, and various other products in the vicinity of some rivers or in California within city limits on certain roads.  Every state in America has restrictions for one thing or the other.  Even driving a Semi Truck on various county roads in America requires extra annual county fees.


Every State in the U. S. has laws concerning over weight commercial trucks and where to obtain Permits.


Some coast roads and highways travailing through U. S. National and State Forest in Oregon and other States, will not allow trailers longer then 35 to 40 feet in length or for that matter, semi trucks with or without a trailer.


The Mexico Department of Transportation has it work cut out for itself.  Questions I would present are as follows:


1.  How does Mexico rate the condition of the countries 88,601-km of paved roads (including 4,286 km of expressways) (1993 est.)?


When I was living in Mexico December 1999, the highway between Ensenada and San Felipe was paved but had deep pot wholes every foot in any direction.  Traveling speed was around 5 to 10-miles an hour in a Motor Home.  I would not recommend this highway to anyone hauling produce or Television sets.


2.  How does Mexico rate the condition of the country 156,832-km non-paved roads (1993 est.)?


What are the weight and trailer lengths in specified areas within Cities, Ejido's, condado's or States?


Specific bridges with height and weight restrictions or for that matter, a list of Bridges semi trucks are not allowed to travel on?


5.  List of restricted areas throughout Mexico where you cannot drive a trailer or haul a container that has an International Hazardous waste placard?


What is the ticket or fine for violating an Mexico DOT regulation relating to overweight, speeding, travailing over the wrong bridge or being in the wrong place with an International Hazardous waste placard on your trailer or container?


7.  What provisions have been made in order to allow the American Motor Carrier  to pay tickets or fines to the Mexico Government Agency responsible rather than the police.


Where are all the designated truck stops throughout Mexico, allowing American Motor Carriers a place to shut down after ten-hours

of driving?


Will truck stops have Federal Protection?


Throughout Mexico there are Federal Inspection Out Post.  Once an American truck has been issued an inspection certificate, will the

truck be re-Inspected each time it encounters a Federal inspection Station?


From Tijuana to Camalu there were three Federal Inspection Out Post in December 1999.


What are the toll cost travailing on the Quota from Tijuana to Ensenada for Commercial trucks?


In December of 1999 there were three toll crossings on the Quota in Ba Ja, and most of the Quota off ramps restricted heavy truck traffic from exiting the Quota in order to prevent commercial vehicle traffic on the coast roadways.


Will Mexico require Single State Registration or Process Agents in each State?


Will there ever be a Weight and Mile Distance Tax to cover highway construction and maintenance with increased commercial traffic

from Canada and the U. S.?


Is there a centralized data base Mexican Motor Carrier's Insurance can be verified?


Will U. S. Motor Carriers be required to obtain Mexico cargo and liability insurance?









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2001 Trucking Issues –3

                ENERGY QUEST National Energy Efficient Development Inc.

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