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Iranís President is nothing more then a rock hanging off a cliffó28 September 2012



The Iran President once again at the United Nations in New York exclaimed death to the Jews and his Generals exclaim they will attack American bases if Israel attacks Iran.


Since America wonít attack Iran until Iran kills Americans, the congress will have to declare war after being attacked with no preparation and joint cooperation with Israel, leaving troops in harms way in Afghanistan fighting a war on terrorism in essence land locked with not so friendly partners if thatís what you call Russia or Pakistan.


Israelís opening attack should be against Iranís Navy, launching missiles capable of destroying runways then nibble at there aircraft, that is if they go it alone.


Any attack any where in Iran by Israel in any place will result in an actual war rather then a war of words and hiding behind rocket launching cowards to do there bidding and acting like there not. My word, as if the world doesnít know Iran and Syria are helping Israelís enemies. Are there that many dummies out there?


The Iran President doesnít want to destroy Jerusalem, as there are holy places sacred to all Muslims, just the Jewish people, so when he says a Nuclear Bomb is old technology, you better not believe him, as he knows if Iran prevails with its Uranium enrichment to the extinct necessary to have enough thermally hot fuel for a dirty bomb or two, donít you think they will give a few dirty bombs to there radical buddies all interested in power and the death of others trampled beneath there feet as is the case of the Jews and the twelve tribes of Israel I guess.


In my view hate has no end, so once Iranians conquer the Jews, killing other Arabians of other tribes to keep power along the way or after if the world would even allow Iran to wipe Israel off the map, America would be next donít you think?


Look President Obama is the CIC and there are troops in the field abroad and Iran can attack bases I guess if they thought President Obama has plans to attack them, thereby escalating the tensions so maybe Obama is a patriot for doing nothing, I donít know, but† it sends a dangerous message to the world America is passive thereby perceived as being week and not supportive of Israel publicly throwing the Prime Minister under the bus several times, while the latest outrage of this President was to call the Prime Ministers request for a meeting, noise.


Not conducting show of force joint U.S. and Israel operations at sea and in the air in the Mediterranean and Red Sea has given Iranís Navy more room to conduct attack and destroy Israel operations threatening to close the Persian Gulfs entrance if Israel or America attacks Iranís nuclear power plants and enrichment facilities.


We have troops in South Korea so why not some troops in Israel to show good faith between friends, like a forward deployed rapid response battalion of marines with helicopters and harrier jets.


Iran or America and or the world doesnít have a plan for storage of highly radioactive pollutants involved in nuclear energy from spent uranium fuel


Iran is cooking up a batch of fuel for there Dirty Bomb ingredients, yet as a nation were some what divided on what to do. It is clear to me, that if Iraq under Saddam with Uranium enrichment and Nuclear Fuel feared to be a reality without guaranteed facts,


resulting in a second war with that dead dictator now a distant memory that left a bad taste in everyoneís mouth and a death toll of countless Arabians at his command.


Nuclear energy was a threat, even though no WMD were found, so surely another tyrant with the goals of his and his followers in mind need not be allowed access to technologies allowing for Uranium enrichment and Nuclear Fuel in order to create a nuclear bomb.


How did those one on one meetings between President Obama and Iranís President go?


The Iranís President has made his case pretty clear. Heís upset Israel exist and England and the U. S. is his chief focus as he sees us as aggressors determined to establish democracy in the Middle East and from the beginning until now, without the support of England and the U. S. in his view, the State of Israel could not have evolved into the Country it is now or continued there existence. Iranís President still declares ďDeath to Israel, Death to AmericaĒ, while France is routinely reunited with terrorism and the world stands by in total disregard for overall world safety as if countries in various regions are setting idle, waiting to see the resolve of the U. S., hoping diversity within our own democratic system will challenge our present Administrationís policies toward Iran, other then just saying Iran canít get a nuclear weapon; a war that is inevitable in my view, which by the way will happen if we donít fight the war on terror with all our might like Iran is willing to do for their holly crusade.


I have struggled with the notion of appeasement and it is beyond me why our country would even consider working with Iranís Nuclear Energy Programs provided they allow for International Atomic Energy Agency Inspectors to make random inspections and transport the spent fuel to Russia.




U.S. Embassy Marines with no bullets and Consulate Personnel in Africa and the Middle East on edge to say the least because America has no Peace through Strength policy



On 11 September 2012, over a thousand Egyptians tore down the U.S Flag at the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. didnít even say you canít do that.


The Egyptian Military only responded after President Obama called there President who along with protesters condemned free speech, with President Obama and the Sectary of State following suite.


In my view, the Chain Saw Mascara movie is enough to shout, ha now, whatís up, but to go pickup a chain saw and start cutting people up is down right ridiculous, yet the Arabian people here about one of there perish books being burned, respectfully I might had do to secret notes passed within these books from individuals incarnated, terrorist the lot of them, conducted by U.S. Service Members, resulted in the death of four the day Arabians freaked out in I remember correctly


Protesting in Cairo, Egypt do to a video I have no desire to watch, that was I guess tasteless relating to the Muslims false profit that history professes was a war lord who himself killed Jews, in my view is bull shit and just an excuse to protest the day and week of 9/11, and I donít believe its all Arabians, but it can be very quickly if America doesnít grow in itís insight and ití present path of appeasement with no strength through peace platform will in my view embolden these folks to increase there strength by recruiting more Arabians that are unemployed.


I tell you, spend billions of the oil revenue to invent work, producing a product to sell for these folks or watch the Middle East in gulf in flames.


You must give these people hope or just allow by doing noting, the strongest most power tribe to rule and the way they want to rule I guess or what, kill everyone?


Maybe you think you can get the Arabians to think differently by winning there hearts and minds? Good look on that one.


You canít change a devil into an angel and those Arabians world wide that want only to live in peace, where are you?


Why canít you shut down funding for those who want to kill Americans or Jews? It looks like to me, Arabians have more weapons then anyone on the planet, so why wonít Arabians stop those out of control.


Two reasons:

Muslims secretly support the down fall of western ideology, capitalism, etc., or only 2 out of ten Muslims have balls and the rest are defeated, sub servant or women making babies to only be educated to hate infidels.


Now say you got a family of five boys and three girls. In the Middle East and Africa Nations, its common practice for girls to be sold or married off at 6 to 12 years old, and if youíre a woman by the time your father bargains you away, if you refuse to marry who your father orders you to as part of there cultural, youíre killed and berried in the desert supported by tribes in Indian and throughout he Middle East and yes, Muslim Americans as well. I remember the Muslim father who ran his daughter over with his car. Can you believe his wife and son were on his side..


The young men, well there learning how to hate, use weapons and kill if they live long enough, many volunteering to kill themselves in order to kill as many infidels as possible.


Our Lord Jesus Christ, reinforcing the Old Testament, embraced ďThou Shall Not Kill.Ē


Americans have fought in many wars and solders, airman and sailors have killed there governments enemies.


Enemies that were once fighting with Americans are now friends as is the case of Japan and possibly Vietnam.


Of course Germany and England are allies to America even though countless lives were lost in battle many years ago.




When Christians were fed to the Lyons and crucified for being peaceful loving human beings believing differently from Romans, they were peaceful but had no strength.


Today, history repeats itself doesnít it? Of course Rome is the Middle East and Christians are being raped and killed, tortured and jailed by individuals exclaiming there ideology is a religion of peace.


Of course appeasement and kneeling before Muslims in the Middle East, in hopes we as either Americans or couch potatoes will be seen as being understanding, open and loving before the eyes of those who want us dead, will in the end get us all killed.


I donít think to many folks want to go to the Middle East right now, so maybe thatís the Brotherhoods goal, keep the Middle East in turmoil, thereby introducing a week economy, and week government, instability thereafter.


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Look, not all Americans express themselves in a dirty, tasteless, disrespectful manner when expressing there views about an issue, yet murdering Christians because there infidels, the same said individuals whoís only crime before an Arabian was to be a peaceful living person of a different faith.


Well I got a news flash for Muslims who refuse to embrace peace, compassion, love or any form of sanity in relationship to humanity, one day our Lord Jesus Christ will either reeducate once your resurrected not, but the wages of sin is death.


Of course a person must value there own life and my gosh, how can you value another persons life if you don't value your own life?


When a human being is forced in a corner with wolves all around what do you do?


You either feed those wolves or you kill them and if you do noting those critters will eat you.


Now I personally think inventing jobs building 720 square feet steel homes that can with stand 120 mile hour wind storms, sold through out the world within a manufacture structure, employing tens of thousands in every city would go along way in resolving the in difference in equality and opportunities that Americans, Mexicans, South and North Americans experience at a cost of nearly being insolvent.


So here it is, we Americans must either stand up for truth or not, fight hate with all our might, or continue to say Iím sorry our forefathers fought so many wars against so many nations like Mr. Obama has done by suggesting America was at fault for evolving into the nation it is to do.


Mr. Obama, your idle, old Abe once said if he could have the Union by not freeing the slaves he wouldÖÖ.


His speech went on to say if he could save the Union by freeing the slaves, he would.


Many, many Henions fought in the Civil War to free the slaves and from the 1860ís to today, generation after generation I can assure you, all 200 hundred or so living in America today have one thing in common. The shared sacrifice as a family from those whom served the Republic of the U.S. of America and not the U. S. States of America, a progressives attempt to mold America into socialist democracy by forgetting to state the word ďRepublicĒ every time politicians hope there mouths.


Now, from time to time we find ourselves in a little trouble and some of us step up to the plate, offering in affect our lives for our staunch beliefs.


So be it, Iím a Disabled Veteran, Civilian C/5-C/6 Quad of 53, in good spirit, good health, and love for my Lord and GOD the Father, I AM is as great as the love others have for there inspiration even if that belief is no belief.


My fellow Americans, I now appeal to those of you that like me, are willing to sacrifice your life for standing up to free speech and if Liberals think I have nothing to live for as to the reason why Iím presenting:




As my theme and illustration of historical and one day future present operations of U.S. Aircraft Carriers on this web site, before Americas enemies get there asses kicked back to the 18th Century, my fellow planners, lets help Israel by sending the Prime Minister some rather secret ideas. I know how to get aircraft to within a short distance of target areas using ships and forward deployed bases.


So when I say, it is with great sorrow that I and others must know target Iranian assets, publishing as much as allowed from time to time in order not to give away any secrets which for me now is my insight; I hope you believe me when I say, if I were you and you got money enough then split Iran.


And my insight says Iran will be sent back to the 18th Century militarily which will actually help China and Russia because they will be able to sell more military assets to Iran again that is if they every get back on there feet.


Honored Patriots lost:


Sean Smith† and Glen Doherty, 42, a native of Winchester, Mass., and Tyrone Woods, 41.

Victims of the Libyan Consulate Attack

by Matthew DeLuca Sep 13, 2012 2:14 PM EDT


The U.S. ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was killed on Tuesday night during a riot in Benghazi. Friends and colleagues recall the diplomat as a man who dedicated his life to promoting democracy, committed to peace, and in love with the region of the world where he lost his life.


Three other Americans working at the consulate perished alongside Stevens in a battle that pitched American and Libyan defenders against militant gunmen who, White House sources said on Wednesday, seemed to have pre-planned the attack on the U.S. consulate and used a demonstration outside the consulate compound as a distraction. While the last of the four victims has not yet been identified, the Daily Beast remembers the other two named victims who fell alongside Stevens while serving their country abroad. Three others were killed with the U.S. ambassador to Libya in the attack on the U.S. consulate. Matt DeLuca profiles the gamer and the former Navy SEAL who were among the dead.


Foreign Service Information Management Officer

ten-year veteran of the State Department, Sean Smith was in Libya on a ďbrief, temporary assignment,Ē U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday. The 34-year-old father of two young children, Samantha and Nathan, Smith was an Air Force veteran who had served in a number of posts, including in Baghdad and The Hague.



Third and fourth victims of the attack on US consulate in Libya identified; both were former Navy SEALs

Posted at 9:08 pm on September 13, 2012 by Twitchy Staff


Two former Navy SEALs were identified Thursday as the third and fourth victims of the attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya this week that also killed the U.S. ambassador.


U.S. officials and family members identified the men as Glen Doherty, 42, a native of Winchester, Mass., and Tyrone Woods, 41. Details of how they died havenít been made public.


The men were working as private security specialists for the U.S. government when militants attacked the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi on Tuesday night. In all, four Americans were killed; the others were previously identified as the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and Sean Smith, an information management officer.



Private Security Contractor


On Thursday morning, the mother and sister of Glen Doherty, a 42-year-old native of Massachusetts, confirmed the former Navy SEAL too was among those killed in the attack on the Benghazi consulate. His name had not yet been released by the U.S. State Department.


ďHe was on security detail and he was protecting the ambassador and also helping the wounded,Ē Dohertyís sister Katie Quigley told The Boston Globe.



US Libyan consulate attack: Timeline of events



KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) Ė Taliban insurgents detonated a truck bomb, then tried to storm a NATO base Friday in eastern Afghanistan, but coalition forces repelled the attack, killing 14 militants, officials said.


No foreign or Afghan troops were killed, according to NATO, but the attack showed the fundamentalist Islamic movement remains a resilient force even as Afghan President Hamid Karzai insists they do not have the means to retake the nation after foreign forces leave.



The entire Middle East is on fire. I hope it is only a handful of folks. Libyans beat off militants in response to the attack as reported on 22 September 2012. That is reassuring.



The President has divided the country



I supported President Obama at the beginning until he began ruling rather then governing.

The President has divided the country.

Atop that the U.S. is broke with trillion dollar annual deficits.

Like Jim says, where are the jobs?

The EPA will fly over animal farms but wonít suggest how to clean up animal waste.

Did you know you can distill waste but instead the government regulates the use of ethanol which is better then other additives I would agree, but to regulate a percentage of ethanol in the fuel and then fine oil companies if they donít use ethanol to the quantities regulated when farmers canít supply enough ethanol tells me someoneís head is in a hole.

And thatís just one or two EPA examples.

Now, members on this form learned how to or maybe just know how to be respectful of each others indifference's, so we get along and learn from each other, reading and witnessing for ourselves the direction President Obama is taking the country.

You may like the direction America is headed. I donít, but if you think you can be like Bob Beckel who I really, really respect and like, a member of the Five, then educate me, he does.

These letters address my point of views. Are you willing to communicate in away different then those presently bull .... the American People or do you want a government to take care of your every need, like some women who want the tax payers to pay for there birth control or condoms, abortions. etc.

In my view, if the government wants to get involved in this part of females life at the cost of the tax payers then my gosh, will the females of the U.S. have sex with tax payers on demand in some government building in order that the male tax payer receive benefit from those services provided women.

I don't think its right to ask the tax payer to pay for this kind of benefit to women.

I say keep your legs closed if your a single women in order to prevent having babies or not, but don't ask others to pay for your sexual encounter.

OBAMALAMA, Mohammad, Iran, Syria, Israeli, Palestine and Lebanon; a road ahead or not
Sunday at 12:58 am, 12 August 2012

The Socialist Republic of the United States of America under OBAMA

So, I'm loaded for bear and would be more then happy to release 32 years of learning on ya, but to what end.

Once a person has made up there minds its pretty hard to change a persons mind.

Facts these days seem of little importance up against emotions.

Well, step up to the plate, educate me.

Tell me why President Obama won't push Congress to provide Purple Hearts for the victims of the Fort Hood Shooting?



The Socialist Republic of the United States of America under OBAMA




The Sectary of Defense announced Armed Forces Gay Pride Day, an annual celebration now embraced by America.


In my 5 Ĺ years of Navy service, the Navy never celebrated a heterosexual day for those of us, now a minority, whom choose celibacy or opposite sex relationships.


As I read U.S. Navy articles, none have explained whether or not GAY PRIDE DAY will be celebrated on Naval Ships, in conjunction with a parade, such that an aircraft carrier could accommodate.


If the answer is yes, then thatís to far reaching for me, but if Americans want to have a GAY DAY PARADE in public go ahead at there own cost.


Now let be 100 percent clear. If two men want to give each other a reach around, blow job or have anal sex with each other, go for it. What ever floats your bumble provided you keep such sexual behavior behind closed doors in the privacy of your own home?


At sea, a naval ship is the property of the American People, therefore sexual activities aboard a navy ship I hope will remain against the code of conduct.


Of course wearing a dress if youíre a cross dresser or mina skirt while on liberty, I have no objections too, but for men to dress up like a bunch of girls and hang out together aboard a ship, kissing and hugging I have a problem with.


With women serving aboard aircraft carriers and navy ships, sexual activity is no doubt taking place as there are many spaces below deck to hide.


In fairness, Iím sure guys are giving and receiving blow jobs and also having anal sex.


Now Iím going to say something so no one will be able to not understand how I feel.


I could care less if a person has purple hair, a Mohawk or spikes in the head. If someone wants to play with Lyons and Tigers or where a dress if there a man, give there buddy a reach around go ahead, I could care less.


But donít treat meet like Iím in some way less appreciate of another persons choices in life if I donít support them.


I have zero judgment toward someone because of their race, color, creed or nationality.


But if youíre going to call me a racist because I think its time for OBAMA to go, bring it all.


Since Iím now in the minority of Americans having been married in the past with a women rather then a man, in a rapidly advancing socialist society, where the majority of Americans have chosen the path of communism and whom want the government to do everything for them need fear nothing, as OBAMA will take care of you.


In fact I guess I could easily qualify for food stamps if I wanted to, having a low fixed income from Social Security and a small pension from the U.S. Navy do to a service connected disability. Yet I wonít and have no intention to do so as I unlike others believe itís for an emergency.


As I write this letter, July 5, 2012, a friend living in Mexico, an unemployed care giver, received food stamps today using his friends San Diego address, exclaiming heís homeless in the USA, which is true. Of course he didnít tell them he was living in Mexico in his own home. My friend is an artist as well and sells his work at flee markets so while in America for four days a week, he lives out of his car at his friends house. At present, even with his art work sells, he earns under $1,100.00 a month.


However, many spend no time in America and return to Mexico with food stamps. My full time employee has been offered many times cash for food stamps by his Mexican neighbors as I have from a guy who lives near by acting in behalf of a friend in Tijuana.


Under OBAMA, food stamps have not only increased but the government encourages Americans to collect food stamps on the radio. From what I can see, there is no incentive offered to get off food stamps. When my friend goes back to work, he wonít receive food stamps any more and applied for them once he heard OBAMAís sponsored food stamp radio commercial.


OBAMA BUCKS, get them while you can, because when Mit Romney is elected as President Iím sure he will attach community service at a minimum in order to receive food stamps for those who can work. That would limit those who pickup food stamps that donít want to work but can, and as well, other work incentive programs will be created, allowing Americans to work for counties, towns, cities, states and the federal government in order to real in spending where in relates to picking up garbage on roads and highways. Other job opportunities might include a couple hours a day answering phones for government offices requiring some training and eventual entrance into the governments work force or private business.


Since employers must have Workers Compensations on there employees and a slug of other fees and taxes allocated, part time, a few hours a day from food stamp recipients would have to be provided the same in order to protect the employer, or in this case in order to eliminate liabilities adjusted by hours of work rather then full time employment.


The Republic of the U.S. of America was once a light shinning brightly, but now, with our liberties and freedom no longer important, we will continue on a path to communism.


The people of Laos found out in 1976 that when communist share a governmentís political agenda, the outcome will not be Democracy. The Parliament pf Laos for many years tried to represent its people by allowing different forms of government from Neutralist to Communist. The Neutralist Prince was either killed in jail or died there when the communist party took over.


Socialism and communism is now approaching America because Americans are no longer Americans, but couch potatoes learning from twitter rather then books, hoping that the government will take care of there needs with the least amount of effort, less signing the welfare forms. Of course there are legitimate reasons to use food stamps. Selling food stamps or using them and taking the food outside the USA I refuse to believe is a legitimate use.


The abuse of government assistance is at record high as exclaimed by JOHN STOSSEL


College and University students need a break on the cost of higher education so they can afford to be able to go to girls gone wild parties in Mexico, yet OBAMA, a former stoner wants the American People to flip the bill.


If you party while in school at either fraternities or Mexico, go ahead, but donít expect assistance for your education unless youíre studying.


When we speak out against socialist policies or take over of the banks, auto industry, issues on immigration, guns, etc. that our government has chosen for the direction of the American People, were called nuts, unpatriotic or racist.


In fact, under OBAMA, from Chicago the home of famous Gangsters, a Socialist in my view who admits attending Communist Party meetings when he was young, a former stonier I guess from his own words, is in good company with 70 plus socialist, progressive or communist in the congress serving their socialist constitutes.


Together, OBAMA and his supporters created 16 plus fees in OBAMA CARE and with mandatory rules with penalties, the Supreme Court up held OBAMA CARE as a tax.


ďItís not a tax, itís a penalty, so exclaimed by the President and his party members until it was time to address the Supreme Court at which time the governments attorney argued congress has the right to tax under the commerce laws.


Of course now, the Supreme Courtís decision is not clear enough, other wise the opinion of whether OBAMA CARE creates fees or penalties rather then a tax would not be widely debated.


JOHN STOSSEL: Competition will create affordable health care.



Recently OBAMA gave 800,000 illegal aliens whom entered the U.S. at no fault of their own a two year free pass.† ďItís the right thing to do,Ē exclaimed the President. I question the timing and once again, another reversal. I remember OBAMA telling the American People he didnít have the authority, but now he does because congress is dead locked and republicans are the blame.


Unable to create a Guest Workers Program suggest to me our elected officials are dummies. I could easily BUILD ONE.


Thatís right, you heard me, I can build a WORKERS GUEST PROGRAM that would pass both houses of congress.


ďSoon the U.S will join the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty or ATT. Only 100 congressmenís so far are against this decision and with the Senate on OBAMAís Team suggest soon Americans will loose the right to bare arms.


As WND reported, retired Lt. Gen. William Boykin earlier this year, in a video in which he claimed Obama was leading America down the path of a quiet, Marxist revolution, blasted the ATT, also known as the small arms treaty, saying it would regulate private gun ownership. ďThere has been a decree by the administration by the president and the secretary of state saying that our president will sign the United Nations small arms treaty, which is about how we will buy sell and control individual private weapons,Ē Boykin warned. ďThat means the United Nations, an international body will decide how you and I as Americans can buy and sell our weapons, how we control those weapons, who is authorized to have those weapons and where they are. This is a dangerous trendĒĒ (Ref. by Jack Minor; 2ND AMENDMENT UNDER FIRE , Obama told to back off U.N. gun treaty -Lawmakers join general in declaring pact a threat to freedom).



In my view, if the U.S. of America is to remain a Republic and not become a socialist welfare country modeled after Europe, then 500 billion reductions in national defense I believe will only pave the way for a progressive socialist and one day communist country known one day as the Socialist Republic of America.


Had President Obama invested heavily in the construction of Navy Ships and Aircraft rather then AIG, only to mention one debt the U.S. could do without, now unable to file bankruptcy, the U.S. Government, dear old Uncle Sam, the U.S. Tax payers owe billions if not a trillion or more in out standing debt, millions would be benefiting right now.


When I researched and found that GMís work force over seas was growing, with billions still owed, I felt like the U.S. was more interested in GMís Global Empire then U.S. GM Workers, although they kept there 80 dollar an hour jobs thanks to Obama, but in down sizing, many Dealerships disappeared and GM has fewer employees.


To invent a story about Bain Capital suggesting Mit Romney didnít care about people and only profit was the last straw.


Listening to Bill OíReillyís no spin presentation of the facts wonít hurt anyone.


Iíve watched his program over fourteen years, sorry to say I missed the first year as my QUAD disability required allot of my attention.


I canít pronounce some of the words he comes up with in how not to write the Factor so I look them up. Yet the few times I sent a note like recently asking why Mexico turned off FOX and not CNN during there Presidential election on Sky wasnít received and thatís ok, since millions of Americans contact the Factor every day. Why FOX didnít comment on this issue on their own I have no idea? Heck, maybe they did the day they were bumped, no way I would know so I asked.


In 2006 I contacted FOX, but they had little interest in ship logs or command history reports of U.S. Aircraft Carriers.


I see the kind of remarks left by people Bill reads on the Factor and truly sometimes I think there are people that just see things differently and refuse to research, study or think.


Not that Iím a brain, Iím just not a dummy, as I enjoy learning from reading, researching and listening.


Iíd like to read Billís book, Killing Abe, but no time until January. I wish it was available on a DVD or CD so I could hear someone read the story while Iím working. Every minute of my day is either under going therapy/care activities or typing, reading, researching and building web sites.


I donít think President Obama realizes his vision is in contrast to what some Americans fought and are fighting for from 1776 to present, many dieing in support for freedoms dwindling at the rate of tens of thousands of regulations and laws each year.


Or maybe he does?


For every word I speak, there is another person who will see things differently and thatís cool.


The Five and Red Eye of FOX News Corp., especially Bob are really trying to be gracious and funny too.


Bob is ganged up allot but his messages reflect possibly 40 to 50 percent of Americans views so he has stated


Yet there are some Americans that differ from many of Bobís views, like me, who believes that we should all do as much as we can to secure our future retirement without the governments help unless there is no other way to succeed and your success benefits others by providing either jobs directly or as a result of investments, funds that make it possible to create wealth while creating jobs from any grant received..


Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we donít, but never quit.


Iím very knowledgeable about navy stuff, aircraft carriers in particular.


Why Iím able to grasp so much I know not, but one thing is for sure, I can tell you forty new ships over the next ten years is nothing less than creating a smaller Navy.


Senator McCain is expressing the truth, President Obamaís policies have kept businesses from expanding due to so many regulations mostly from the EPA, but high corporate taxes and employee wages exceeding 40 percent wonít do anything but reduce the amount of earned income people bring home for those earning more then 250,000.00 a year.


In my view, the government under OBAMAís control wants all the money so the government can take care of everyone that doesnít work.


You see, OBAMA doesnít think being successful like him is fair to those that are not or will never be successful because they either donít want to work, canít work because there are not enough jobs as a result of OBAMAS policies or are elderly, disabled or an illegal alien, words that will soon be words to describe visitors from other planets I guess rather then a person who entered America illegally, as freedom of speech in America is now dwindling to the extent that if you say something against gay life styles, she males/lady boys, cross dressers, bisexuals, homosexual, lesbian or the President of the U.S. in regards to his policies or even his views, you are now called a hater, beget or racist.


As a disabled Veteran, I to need assistance, but for 25 years I never went to the VA for assistance as so many veterans need help. In May 2011 and May 2012 I went to La Jolla Veterans Hospital for an annual at the SCI Unit. During my visit I underwent the knife in 2011 and in 2012 a laser surgery was performed in regards to urology, finally fixing my problem which had me frightened for a while.


You see, I fail from a roof while working as a carpenter two years after I was honorably discharged with a service connected disability. Having workers compensation insurance saved me and while I could have gone to the VA I never did in order to free up beds for others more disabled then me.


Had I known the VA gets $40,000 a year from the government for each Spinal Cord injured veteran, if I had gone to the VA, 40,000.00 a year times 27 years I guess would have been collected and such funds allocated to other Veterans in the SCI Unit. As my Workers Compensation Insurance Co. is required to pay for QUAD related expenses, the VA would get payed in addition to receiving $40,000.00.


So far $80,000.00 has been allocated for my SCI to the VA by the government in addition to all bills being paid. In 2011, the 7-day visit at the VA with a surgery and purchase of a standing table cost was 117,000.00. This last May I spent ten days and a laser surgery was perfumed by urologist and a shower chair will be sent to me as my insurance company canít even get me bearings for my old shower chair I request four months ago. When I told my insurance agent I would let the VA purchase me a shower chair the agent said let me get that for you. Thatís funny, it took a year to get two mattresses, no shower chair bearings, and the VA bill from 2011 hasnĎt even been paid by my insurance company as of June 2012. I spoke to my agent about this matter and the agent told me they never received any chart notes even after I filled out at least 4 Freedom of Information Requests. In May I filled out another FOIA, but this time I requested my records be sent to me. I received them last week and mailed them to my agent.


When I found out my insurance company never went out of there way to pay my VA bills I was already in the hospital for my second annual.


Workers Compensation Insurance Co.ís have no representation in the VA system.


My agent was offered a 50 percent reduction in VA cost and still didnít pay anything as of June 2012 for May 2011 VA for SCI Unit costs. In all fairness I think the VA will eventually get paid by my insurance company.


In the future I may not be able to go back to the VA for help since my Workers Compensation Insurance has failed me, even though Iím in Group 4, as I will not be a burden to the American People.


In other words, the American People will have to pay my hospital bills if I return next year since I canít count on my insurance company to pay the VA Bills in a timely manner, a year and one month since my 2011 annual and now a second visit, with an additional $120,000.00 owed.


Receiving Social Security and VA, my income is less then $1,100.00 and in my view, thatís all the assistance I want from my government.


When I go to a civilian hospital the insurance company either pays or the Workers Compensation Insurance General will take there license away, so in order to have my hospital bills paid and not be a further burden to the American people, Iíll have to go to civilian hospital when I get sick, an emergency room visit I guess to address sickness rather then awareness and prevention of life threatening illnessí found out in advance during an annual at the VA.


You see, a Workers Compensation Insurance Co. wonít coordinate annual visits for a QUAD at civilian hospitals and few urologists will take QUADS on workers compensation, so visiting the VA was my only option as Calofornia urologist in the San Diego area wonít treat individuals with a Workers Compensation claim, less an emergency room visit.


Visiting the VA emergency room is based on severity of illness, so waiting in line for half a day or longer is the reality. When you have a bladder infection you donít have the luxury of waiting a day to be seen by an emergency room VA Doctor, so staying healthily becomes a priority which I am even after 27 years as a QUAD


Itís all about diet, exercise and a positive attitude.


Its amazing the amount of costs involved in a 7 to 10 day visit at the VA. If the VA only receives an allotment of $40,000.00 annually for SCI veterans and the cost for 7-days less the cost of a $3,000.00 for a standing table, my assumption is the VA needs more funds as their presently borrowing more then our government.


The nurses, staff and doctors of the La Jolla, San Diego VA are professional, kind, sincere and very helpful. Our government should build the new SCI Unit at La Jolla, San Diego at a cost of ten million. The government recently gave away 2 billion dollars to the United Nations so they can administer this fund, giving less fortunate countries a hand up I guess at the expense of the tax payer, yet a new SCI Unit I guess not. The government must be waiting for more SCI Veterans from Operation Enduring Freedom before they fully fund the VA.†


Did you know the PVA donates computers to the SCI Unit of La Jolla, San Diego as the Veterans Hospital canít afford to buy them?


To over look the needs of one Veteran would be enough to exclaim:

We need you in time of war but serve at your own risk.


Itís all about priorities I guess. I can tell you dummies in congress one thing, a dime spent on our veterans is not money wasted.


In point of fact, why do college students deserve a break in costs of higher education when all they do is party?


Our governmentís executive branch would rather throw money away, then give assistance to those who protect your freedoms, like Active Service members and Veterans a hand to include the homeless and disabled alike. Active service members whom along with veterans who are serving in and have served at the cost of there lives, becoming severely disabled must in many cases request help and like me, many will not ask for help making it necessary for others to ask on there behalf on the internet and FOX News.


Five hundred million was thrown away recently by our government. Its amazing our treasure department congressional members are unable to evaluate how funds are spent once allocated to the Energy or other Departments of our government who can spend without restraint.


Selling off all retired ships I hope is because the ships are no longer sea worthily and if that is the case, why not send that money to the VA. Before USS Kennedy (CV-67) was retired the ship underwent a several hundred million dollar overhaul.


Forward deployed Navy Squadrons I think makes since and maintaining six aircraft carriers on the west coast is nothing new as thatís how many are on the West coast now if you include George Washington and Abe headed to the East Coast for refueling.


Since Iran and the Middle East are a hot spot, and since at least two of the six carriers will be under going overhaul, keeping a carrier force of at least six carriers on the West Coast is essential.


Presently the U.S. Navy is the only thing standing between the American people and ocean going pirates, drug kings pedaling death, people and arm smugglers.


While President Obama guts the Armed Forces, the U.S. strength aboard is weakened.


Not paying the Doctor 50 million dollars for information he presented in the capturing of Bin Laden or as it turned out, the death, preventing him from saving himself and his family suggests the U. S. can no longer be trusted




Like others, I believed in President Obamaís platform of change, giving the White House back to the American People.


In my view, its now time to take the White House away from President Obama.


I remember how Hitler dealt with those he felt were sucking on the tit of government.


Soon thinks to Obama Care, beginning in a few years Iíll have to check in every five years for death counseling and aborting kids because of there gender is too much for me to digest right now.


What the heck, I guess OBAMA doesnít know a bunch of Henions fought in the Civil War with the Union and afterwards the majority of future generations of Henions never went to war again. Of the 200 hundred living today, some are spouses whom kept the name Henion upon divorce.


To my knowledge the Commander of the Ninth Army Corps in Japan, General John Q. Henion is one of a handful of Henions who have served in the Armed Forces of the U.S. during the time I was in the U.S. Navy.


Someone needs to tell OBAMA that a Civil War helps no one. Carpet Baggers show up remember? Plus people kill each other. Now I know Iím being condescending and to be fair and balanced, Americans are not at the point of Armed Resurrection, but OBAMA is forcing a division among Americans none the less.


Like our President likes to say, ďThatís a FACT.Ē



ďI support Mt Romney for PresidentĒ



Now I just cut my chances of selling any future books to possibly Ĺ of any interested person in America, so my market approach will have to be over seas libraries, and thatís ok as few Americans care anyway.


This election is about kicking out a man who has over reached is executive powers, canít keep any secrets, enjoyed communist gatherings listening to the message of CHANGE?



Iím not ready for his utopia and would like to encourage others to wake up and smell the shit being pedaled from the White House in control of OBAMA.

OBAMA exclaims Mit Romney experience with Bain Capitol is nothing less then a Pioneer of out sourcing jobs and OBAMA exclaims he saved the auto industry.


Last time I checked, Ford is part of the auto industry and they didnít receive a government bail out. The following articles prove OBAMAís bailout of GM resulted in down sizing, overseas expansion and lay offs, yet Mit Romneyís time in Bain Capitol, exclaimed by OBAMA WAS A MAN ONLY INTERESTED IN PROFITS.



Under Restructuring, GM To Build More Cars Overseas

By Peter Whoriskey

Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, May 8, 2009

The U.S. government is pouring billions into General Motors in hopes of reviving the domestic economy, but when the automaker completes its restructuring plan, many of the company's new jobs will be filled by workers overseas.

This Story

 Under Restructuring, GM To Build More Cars Overseas

 Chrysler Lenders Drop Opposition to Sale Plan

 Transcript: Real Wheels

In the Center of Auto Country, Adapting to an Uncertain Future



GM offshore outsourcing U.S. jobs

General Motors Corp. will shift more production of vehicles bound for the U.S. market to China, Mexico, South Korea and Japan, but will keep total imports at roughly one-third of all sales here.

In a confidential 12-page presentation to members of Congress, obtained by The Detroit News on Friday, GM said it will boost U.S. sales of vehicles built in those four countries by 98 percent -- or about 365,000 vehicles -- while shrinking production in Canada, Australia and European countries by about 130,000 vehicles.

GM also disclosed it will start importing vehicles made in China in 2011, reaching 51,546 vehicles in 2014. Imports from South Korea to the United States will jump from 36,967 vehicles in 2010 to 157,126 in 2014.

The automaker said it is canceling expansion projects in Russia, India and Mexico.

GM's plan to import more vehicles from low-wage countries raises questions about whether it should beef up its foreign operations as it is relying on federal money to stay afloat. It also puts the automaker at odds with the United Auto Workers, which is trying to protect U.S. jobs amid a dramatic restructuring of the domestic auto industry.

GM has faced strong protests from the union that its turnaround plan unfairly targets U.S. workers and plants for cuts. GM plans to trim 21,000 hourly workers and close 13 of its 47 U.S. plants by the end of 2010 as part of a tougher recovery plan sought by President Obama's auto task force. It will close three more U.S. plants by 2014.




Detroit bailed out, GM moving jobs overseas

May 14th, 2009Posted: 10:07 am by Nate


Over the last few months, it has become more and more apparent that bailouts from the Bush administration and the Obama administration havenít gotten anywhere near their intended goals of saving jobs, keeping companies from bankruptcy and improving market conditions.


The latest news from General Motors is a perfect illustration of that. The AP reports:


DETROIT (AP) Ė As thousands of General Motors workers await word on more U.S. plant closures, reports that the company plans to import Chinese-made vehicles to the U.S. have created a political problem for the automaker and the White House.


The reports, which GM will neither confirm nor deny, could mean trouble because GM is supported by $15.4 billion in U.S. government loans, largely due to the Obama administrationís desire to preserve the companyís 90,000 U.S. jobs.


The United Auto Workers charged last week that the Detroit automaker intends to almost double over the next five years the number of vehicles it imports to the U.S. from Mexico, South Korea, China and Japan.

ďGM should not be taking taxpayersí money simply to finance the outsourcing of jobs to other countries,Ē Alan Reuther, the unionís Washington lobbyist, wrote in a letter to U.S. lawmakers.


The bailouts did not stop the inevitable and necessary bankruptcy of General Motors as President Obama said they would. In fact, now weíre in a situation where American tax dollars are going to subsidize General Motors jobs overseas, exactly what the Obama administration doesnít want.


The bottom line is that taxpayer dollars should not be used for these purposes as they were never intended for it. GM had such issues which could only be solved with bankruptcy, not more bailout dollars and many people saw that ahead of time. Throwing money down a rat hole in hopes it will turn into something else is a waste, and thatís exactly what happened here.


Shift of U.S. jobs overseas hurts young Americansí prospects


The toll of globalization

No accurate count exists of how many U.S. jobs have moved overseas to take advantage of cheaper labor or how many have been undercut by cheaper imports. But some statistics show the effects of globalization:


ēThe AFL-CIO estimates a loss of 3 million manufacturing jobs and 850,000 professional service and information jobs overseas since 2001.

ēFor the six months ended Sept. 30, workers in about 1,200 U.S. companies were approved for federal Trade Adjustment Assistance, aid to employees who lost jobs because production was shifted overseas. That was a 20 percent increase over the same period a year ago.

ēCommerce Department figures show that U.S. multinational firms employed about 730,000 more workers overseas in 2008 than they did in 2006.

ēThe threat of moving jobs overseas may have helped keep a lid on wages at home. Inflation-adjusted average weekly earnings have been down or stagnant since the recession began in December 2007.




General Motors Company (NYSEGM, TSXGMM.U), commonly known as GM, formerly incorporated (until 2009) as General Motors Corporation, is an American multinational automotive corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, and the world's largest automaker, by vehicle unit sales, in 2011.[3]

GM employs 202,000 people[1] and does business in some 157 countries. General Motors produces cars and trucks in 31 countries, and sells and services these vehicles through the following divisions/brands: Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Opel, Vauxhall, and Holden, as well as two joint ventures in China, Shanghai GM and SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile. GM's OnStar subsidiary provides vehicle safety, security and information services.


In 2009, the company emerged from a government backed Chapter 11 reorganization. In 2010, GM made an initial public offering that was one of the world's top 5 largest IPOs to date. GM returned to profitability in 2011.[4]


On July 10, 2009, General Motors emerged from government backed Chapter 11 reorganization after an initial filing on June 8, 2009.[68][69][70] Shareholders did not have access to assets from GM in Asia or Europe. The Company was relisted on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange again on November 18, 2010 following a US$33-a-share initial public offering of US$23 billion, including preferred shares. The shareholding in the Company by the U.S. Treasury department was reduced from about 61% to about 26%, including preferred shares and accounting for stock options given to former GM bondholders.[71][72] Initial sale of such shares gave the Treasury department about US$13.6 billion in proceeds. SAIC Motor, partner of GM in China and India, acquired just less than 1 percent of the GM shares for about $500 million.[73][74] Following the IPO, the U.S. government has owned a 26% stake in GM.


As part of the company reorganization, the content and the structure of its brand portfolio (its brand architecture) was reorganized.[75] Some nameplates like Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Saturn, Hummer, and service brands like Goodwrench were discontinued. Others, like SAAB, were sold.[76] The practice of putting the "GM Mark of Excellence" on every car, no matter what the brand, was discontinued in August, 2009.[77] The company has moved from a corporate-endorsed hybrid brand architecture structure, where GM underpinned every brand to a multiple brand corporate invisible brand architecture structure.[78] The company's familiar square blue "badge" has been removed from the Web site and advertising, in favor of a new, subtle all-text logo treatment.[75] In 2011, GM discontinued the Daewoo brand in South Korea and replaced it with the Chevrolet brand.[79]



GM Posts Record $7.6-Billion Profit


General Motors earned a record $7.6 billion profit last year, the highest profit in the companyís 103-year history. It sold 640,000 more cars and trucks in 2011 than it did in 2010 and took in a total of $105 billion.

Jeremy Anwyl, vice chairman of Edmunds.com, said while he is buying GMís immediate success, he is not sold on the companyís future.


ďThe question for me about General Motors really is: Are they going to be able to sustain this momentum over the long haul?Ē Anwyl told ABC News. ďIf we are going to step back and say ĎWas the bankruptcy a success or was it a failure?í itís really too early to say. We need to let a few more years pass to see if the new GM really is a new GM.Ē


To date, GM has paid back $26 billion of the $49.5 billion bailout and U.S. taxpayers still own 30 percent of the company in stock.


For the workers at GMís plant in Lake Orion, Mich., this GM is much better than the GM that halted production there in 2009. Today, the plant is up and running, turning out 800 cars a day and employing 2,200 people.


GM says 47,500 blue collar workers, many of whom took pay cuts of up to 40 percent and cuts in benefits as part of the bailout, learned today that they are receiving profit-sharing checks of up to $7,000.


GM employee Doreen Stover said her check is already spent.


ďWe get caught up on some bills Ė and get my new GM vehicle,Ē she said.


The companyís turnaround is because of increased sales in North America and China. In China, GMís Buick Excelle is the most popular car on the market and one GM car or truck is sold in the country every 12 seconds.

Despite all the success, Anwyl said, the road ahead for GM will not be easy.


ďGM is going to find a much more competitive market environment than they have during the last couple of years, and that is going to test their ability Ö to continue to sell vehicles and be able to control costs, particularly incentive costs.Ē


ABC Newsí David Muir and the Associated Press contributed to this report.



I think were the only one that post on this thread. It feels good to vent though.






UPDATE on deported illegal aliens from La Mission to Hondrus. Noaís daughter went to America a week after she arrived and Noa got his passport and Mexican Work Visa and came back to Mexico. Simply amazing. Noa doesnít know where his daughter is but they talk to each other on the phone. She reentered America through Arizona and had sponsors and a job cleaning motel rooms waiting for her upon arrival.






Recently one of my employeeís living in a small community near by was faced with a problem that got him deported to Honduras two months ago along with fourteen others.


Transported in a bus city to city, state to state and country to country, jail to jail is how Mexico deals with ilegal aliens from the south.


My employee found out his daughter now 19 along with 14 others were headed to Savanna Georgia and had sponsors that were paid for by Americans were helping them once they made it to Mexicalli, Mexico from Honduras, the group of them traveling as hoboís on cargo trains, a trip that took two weeks, jumped on a bus for there final destination to Tijuana where coyotes were waiting for them. A week ago or so I read that a hurricane wiped out the trains in the bordering country of Honduras and Mexico with un told deaths most likely reported or not, but man what a close call fifteen people had.


There very lives at stake travailing as Hoboís is the reality of many.


To this day I canít figure out why my friend and employee of 12-years whom I thought was legal in Mexico, decided to rescue fourteen countrymen and six women, but he did.


He even brought them to his house and erected pole structures using tarps and ropes, digging four foot square wholes as a sunken dwelling for these people. The population of the community is less then 500 if that many and his home is in open site of everyone.


He used a car with a California license plate with expired tags, his car he always drives to work having gained permission from the local police chief to commute to work with.


He had to pay cops en route in Primo Tapia Baja California, Mexico in order to cross there zone I guess in order to drive to a bus stop at an area known as Rosarito and Tijuana junction to pick up his daughter, her friend and her friends Ant, both teachers offered a job doing what I know not.


Along with these three women, there were tree other women and eighth men all traveling together promised work in the good old USA.


How do you stop Americans from funding this kind of activity?


Anyway, he loaded up fourteen illegal aliens and headed to his house, a thirty mile trip I guess. En route he pulled over before the inspection station, an army post searching cars going north. My friend and all the guys walked through the army post going south without incident.


The women with my for employee and long time friendís friend was driving through Primo Tapia when they were pulled over and my friend had to come up with 3,000 pesos to give to the cops in order to pass through there zone with the un documented women from Honduras.


My friend once he made it home with his country men, brought his daughter and two women to my house to introduce her to me, a reunion for him, as he traveled like a Hobo 17 years ago in order to get to La Mission, Baja, Ca. Mexico. His girl friend who his Mexico child is from visited and I was able to talk to my friend on her cell phone. As it turned out, he sold a lot in Honduras for thousands of dollars, will attempt to get his passport and return legally, anyway that is his plan.


The reason Iím sharing this story is to illustrate out Mexico deals with illegal aliens.


Of course here in America Americans embrace illegal aliens as unfortunate and in need of both our compassion and help.


I say build a Workers Guest Program, but the dummies in congress donít have a clue as to how to get the job done. No one can keep a secret in Washington anyway, so my way probably wouldnít work anyway unless those working with me can keep secrets safe until the bill was ready to be submitted to the House of representatives with six months of submission of ideas, concerns and desires from our elected officials, appointed officials by our elected officials from every level of government from city to county to state to the federal government and the public at large. The remaining six months would be spent on reviewing tens of thousands or more letters and an questionnaire that would be presented on a web site where people are guaranteed entrance into a Workers Guest Program, allowing everyone to answers a thousand questions for lack of knowing the total number of questions themselves requested from anyone who will post one in conjunction with think tank individuals working with me, whom together with me would post the questionnaire on an federal government web site housing the necessary forums to be filled out by the ilegal aliens.


The fastest way to stop calling illegal aliens, illegal aliens, is to build a Workers Guest Program


So what is congress waiting for?


Dear Presidente Felipe Calderůn†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 30 August 2012


As an American, Disabled Veteran and writer living abroad with my friend whom cares for me in his house at Ejido Ursulo Galvan, Iím pleased to be in Mexico but at present Iím waiting to here from your governmentís agency that is reviewing corrupt actions taken by Mexico Government Custom Agents fired years past.


Itís been four years since the Federal Attorney in Tijuana filed a petition in behalf of my employee who was driving my pickup into Mexico when a Custom Agent at the importation office confiscated it.


My employee was insured to drive my pickup, with his name on my insurance policy, he had a letter of permission to drive my pickup in order to pay importation fees on one refrigerator, washer and dryer in the back of the pickup and he had an Oregonís driverís license at the time.


Furthermore, two Mexican/Americans who have a Reality Office in La Mission were with my friend at the time representing me and my pickup and there to pay importation fees on the appliances in the back of my pickup for personal use.


Mexican laws do not allow me to represent myself in behalf of my pickup, so my friend had to file a case with a Federal Attorney, who by the way was fined for driving a U.S. vehicle into Mexico even though to U.S./Mexican Citizens were representing me and my pickupís interest.


When I go to San Diego, California to visit the La Jolla Veterans Hospital, my friend must take me in his pickup because my second vehicle I brought to Mexico with me, a wonder bread van equipped with ramps for my wheelchair as Iím a C-5/C-6 QUAD of 26-years, is sometimes allowed into Mexico and sometimes not, totally dependant on whose on duty, so I no longer cross the van into San Diego, California.


The fact is, not all government employees respect the disabled and accessibility of city side walk ramps, and automatic door openers in government buildings as well as commercial businesses are mostly non existent.


My van is privately registered and is not used for commercial purposes but that doesnít make much difference to your custom agents, or at least most of them since my van as the appearance of a commercial vehicle, i.e., wonder bread van. I prefer the van because itís all aluminum, great for big dogs like I have and it doesnít rust living three hundred feet from the ocean.


Iím at a loss to why the Federal Attorney, who filed a petition for my friend for both of us, has not received an answer to a petition now three years old.


Iím not so alarmed with all the bad publicity the current drug war has brought to main stream media in regards to U.S. Citizens either visiting of residing in Mexico, as Iím secure where I live and rarely go any where other then San Diego, California.


Not having my pickup or able to buy another pickup these last three years has prevented me from returning home to my primary residence on my grandmothers farm, 96 years of age whom lives in one of 6 homes on her farm, my father in his home whom care takes mine.


My home is Jefferson, Oregon and Iím unable to return home until my pickup issue is resolved, so after renewing my tourist visa again soon, it will be necessary to file for an RM 3 in order to not become an illegal alien 7 months for now, arriving Mexico February 2008.


Iím reminded of the song Lodi by Credence Clear Water Revival, ĎStuck in Lodi, Iíll be walking if I go now,Ē as my van does not have a strong enough motor to travel 1,200 miles and if I loose my pickup Iíll be forced to buy another one in order to go home one day.


On the internet Iím known as the Energy Quest National Energy Efficient Development Inc. Founder (EQNEEDF) and Batman47. In the past I wrote educational books on renewable energy technologies.


Ba Ja along the main road going south and Tecate travailing to San Felipe is perfect for wind generation.


With the recent Casino fire in Monterrey, my problem with my pickup being confiscated seems of little importance, yet I am prevented in going home on annual visits and often for a year or two at a time. I was watching the news and I heard your statement encouraging those in the Judicial Departments of Monterrey, chiefly Prosecutors do their job with do diligence, which is all that Iím seeking, rather then waiting for a resolution with no time table disclosed for when the case will be reviewed by the Justice Department.


If only someone could review the case, No. 33167902015633. Iím confident my pickup would be returned, or at least be told how better I could have been represented as a disabled U.S. Citizen, unable to be in my pickup when it crossed into Mexico as the driver, a Mexican Citizen, employed by a U.S. Citizen, declared appliances with two Mexican/U.S. Citizens, wealthily people with impeachable reputations, both writing statements to the events that took place during the confiscation of my truck, individuals in their seventies whom at the time of the incident were there with my pickup and friend, ready, able and willing to drive my pick up to me.


Amazingly, the Custom Agent allowed my three friends to go get another pickup in order to take home the appliances that importation fees were allocated for by my U.S./Mexican friends through my friend, Jose Heberto Gutierrez Castro, my friend, employee and driver of my pickup.


It would be safer to travel in Mexico in my pickup rather then my wonder bread van.

Five months ago, I left Ensenada at around eighth oíclock at night and headed to La Mission on the old highway. After driving ten km or so, before the military check point, an officer of the law in a police car, but not from Ensenada or a federal police pulled us over, jumped out of his car with his machine gun and ordered my driver to open the back door. My friend responded quickly and opened the back door. When the Police Officer saw I was in a wheelchair he lowered his weapon and left. My wonder bread van fits a certain profile of vehicles cable no doubt of transporting bread I guess.


Iím not a wealthily American, living on social security, veterans disability benefits and a annual settlement for Attendant Care Services, transportation reimbursement allowance to and from doctors, full health insurance and loving friends caring for me.


Iíve known my friends who care for me since 1997 and my visit to Mexico was not suppose to be as long as it has been, but do to my pickup being confiscated Iíve been forced to stay longer.


I have many friends in La Misson who I have known since 1997, whom all have families, giving me a helping hand until I can go home, so I just work on my books, hoping for a miracle and or future revenue from my books once published.


I will be publishing 25 or more books by years end on the history of U.S. Aircraft Carriers, a project that has consumed nearly 9 years of my life. Living in Mexico in an ocean front community has made that possible and Iím thankful for having had the opportunity to live with my friend in his third home over a period of seven years, residing in various others homes in La Mission since 1997 in between periods of a year or two in Oregon, along with routine visits during periods of time I stayed in Oregon to Mexico and vice versa, up tell I lost my 2005 F 150 XLT 4by4 in early 2009, arriving Ba Ja in early February 2009.


Any assistants would be very much appreciated or at least, help me understand why I canít represent my self in regards to my pickup.



Bruce Wayne Henion, Bwhenion@hotmail.com






Voting this year is so important to me, I will drive 12 hundred miles once I buy another pickup. Right now Iím pleasantly stuck in Mexico until I can afford to buy another pickup in November to go home or have someone install a raised roof on a van.


Itís been four yeas now and still the Mexican Government has my F150 XLT 4by4 Ford pickup, that there INS Agent stole from my employee.


The driver was a Mexican National with a Passport/U.S. Visa and at the time he had an Oregonís Drivers License, Insured to drive and a letter of employment from me with two Americans at the boarder with my pickup entering Tijuana with appliances to import.


The President of Mexico fired 1500 Federal employees, to include the one whom stole my pickup as well I think and to this day I have been denied a court hearing with a pending resolution.


My friend and driver and present employee at the time of the theft of my pickup is a Contractor and Owner of Imperial Construction and Transportation of Sand, Gravel and Rock and Backhoe services. Other businesses and qualifications include in capital letters in Spanish, often the routine way to communicate between Mexicans:




My friend put his life on hold and has been taking care of me since my pickup was taken from me.


My friend constructed several homes for clients to include the construction of a third home Iím living in at present next to the ocean before he put his life on hold; as well as operated and restored his 2200 Massey Ferguson Backhoe and 1998 Ford 6 yard dump truck, working for clients building roads, foundations, clearing land, delivering dirt, sand, rock and gravel.


If the government of Mexico can delay a court hearing nearing four years for a Mexican Citizen and justice in the form of a court trial avoided by the government to not only me, but a court hearing for my friend who stands to loose 20,000.00 dollars and me, my pickup I owe on from a loan I was forced to default, them where is justice in Mexico, forcing a QUAD to buy another vehicle to go home one day


There is little I can do but just bend over and bear a good spanking for bringing a new truck into Mexico.



EQNEEDF views on Politics, Environment, Energy, Health, National, and Foreign Affairs

National and International issues affecting the future - 2012 forward with hope Ė2

††††††††††††††† ENERGY QUEST National Energy Efficient Development Inc.

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