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Historical events in our nations past are taught in our schools in hopes our children will appreciate the sacrifices so many made to give us our freedoms, yet future generations no not the reality of hardships endured by our ancestors, as so many have no links to the past. So I hope by sharing a little family history I’ll be able to give others a little perspective.


The earliest descendants of the earliest Henion emigrant to America, Nathaniel Henion is believed to be one of the first Henions that arrived in the new world. Henions are believed to be French Huguenots who emigrated to Holland in the late 1500’s and 1600’s. French Huguenots suffered greatly at the hands of the Orthodox Church in France and had to flee for their safety. It is believed that most Henions are related to Nathaniel Piertrse Henion and Ann Ackerman. Nathaniel was born in Leydon, Holland and emigrated to New Amsterdam (now New York City) America around 1662. He married Anne Davids Ackerman on June 28, 1664 in New Amsterdam. Anne was the daughter of David Ackerman and Elizabeth Beffiers. Nathaniel and Anne had eleven children. They were: David Danielse, b. 7/1/1665; Hester B. 6/12/1167; Elizabeth, b. 3/26/1670; Catherine, b. 2/17/1673; Rachel, b. 9/22/1675; Anna, b. About 1677; Peter, b. 4/5/1679; Rachel (2nd), b. 4/19/1681; John, b. 7/11/1683; Aeltie, b. 11/15/1685; and Abraham, b. 4/11/1688. Most of the children spelled their name with two N’s as “Hennion”, and some even took on the name Danielson or Daniels. They were in New York City for awhile, and some moved to Bergen (now Jersey City). They married into Dutch and English families. The family began to branch out, some moved to present day Ramapo and Paramus New Jersey which is on the New York, New Jersey state side. In the late 1600’s the state line was not at its present boundary. The Henions lived in Airmont, Tappan, Nyack, etc. The early families traveled back and forth between New York City and New Jersey. Nathaniel and Anne’s children married as follows: David D. married Antje Jans Straetmaker. They had six children, son’s John, Nathaniel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and a daughter Elenore. Elizabeth married Joost Lynse at NYC. Catherine married Peter Burger. Peter married Maria Van Ort. Aelite married Jesse Easton, while the remaining are family has no record of but other Henions no doubt have their history.


J. W. Henion was born at Plymouth, Wayne county, Michigan, April 8th, 1832. When yet a child he accompanied his parents to New York, where he remained until 1854, when he came to Minnesota and located at Anoka. When the St. Paul and Pacific railroad was built through Anoka, Mr. Henion accepted the position of station agent. In 1866 he was appointed agent at St. Anthony, here he served until a station was established on the west side when he took charge of it in 1867 and held the position of general station agent until January 1st, 1880. Mr. Henion is one of the oldest station agents west of Chicago, having held that office continually for seventeen years. In 1878 he was treasurer and one of the directors of the Street Railway company. Mr. Henion was married at Anoka, January 1st, 1857, to Miss Emily Robbins. They have one child, Grace.

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My great grandfather, David Todd Henion was born in Marcellus, Mi. on Dec. 14, 1881, and when I was young I played checkers with him at his residence in Jefferson, Oregon and while he and his wife, and my father and mother were members of the World Wide Church of God my grandfather, Lester Charles Henion and his wife were members of the Scravel Hill (nicknamed "Squabble Hill" because of its many doctrinal disputes) and even allowed Hebert to preach there for awhile until disagreements were formulated about the holy days (Note: According to COG7 member Orville Traver, Elder Ray Benight said that he and Alice Henion (brother & sister) were baptized in 1930 in the Dever District in a creek six miles west of Jefferson, Oregon, by Elder Stith. They were ages 16 and 14 respectively. Alice Henion Benight said that Stith also baptized Herbert Armstrong, near Salem.). My great grandfather’s father was Charles Henry Henion, born in New York in 1846. Charles Henry married Adelaide Cornish in Van Burren County Michigan. They had six children, Peter Denson, born July 6, 1876; Markus Laffitte, born Dec. 16, 1878; Charles Barnum, born Sept. 22, 1880; David Todd born, Dec. 14, 1881; Samuel J., born July 15, 1885 and Emma, born in 1892. Charles Henry’s father (my great, great, great grandfather) was Peter Henion, born in New York in 1813. Peter lived with his son in and around Lawton, Michigan, Van Burren County. Peter married Elizabeth Bouman, also born in New York. My great grand father was the only one of the boys to move out west. The others lived most of their lives in Michigan with the exception of Samuel who lived many years in Nebraska. Samuel returned to Michigan in his elder years. My father, David Charles and uncle Loyd, have many Henion cousins who live in and around Lawton, Marcellus, and Kalamazoo, Michigan who are descendants of Peter, Mark and Samuel Henion.


Peter who went to Lawton, MI evidently was a son of a Peter Henion.  His sister Ann had a son William evidently born before she married Charles Creagor/Creager later spelled Kraiger.  He seemed to have brothers John and George and probably a sister Ann who also went to Lawton, MI, with her second husband.  Ann's son William later used the Kraiger surname.  Charles Kraiger died in Orange Co., NY, and is buried at the Presbyterian Churchyard in Chester, NY.  Ann then married William Doyle, a shoemaker.  They both had children at the time.  Together they had a son Peter Doyle.  So Ann (Henion) and William Doyle and their children moved to Lawton, MI, lived a long life and died in MI.  The Kraigers had family reunions so some info we got from them.  A couple of sons of Peter b. about 1813 attended the Kraiger family reunions. One problem we have is that three possible children of Peter Henion b. 1776 have overlapping birthdates.  This is not so unusual I guess as after they are dead their children try to remember how old they were and frequently the dates on cemetery stones are wrong or the person giving the info for the death certificate is unsure and a mistake is made.  I think we have three different birth years for Ann.


We have no proof but we have a birthrate for Peter of 14 July 1776 and his parents we believe were John and Sara Henion. This John we presume to be a son of Daniel Hennion and Lena Andriessen Cadmus.  There is no proof of this but it is a logical conclusion.  Peter of 1776 was bp. in Pompton, NJ.  His witness was Peter Henion who was likely John Henion's brother Peter.  We don't know the maiden name of Sara, mother of Peter b. 1776.  We do know of a Susan Henion who was a daughter of a Susan Seeley who could have married Peter b. 1776.  Susan married a different Peter B. Henion.  Susan's name was Conklin then so she was likely a widow of a Conklin.  We just don't have answers for everything because there aren't enough records available, but we keep working on it. As reported by Cheryl Hennion Hahn.


I’m the only one in my family, the descendants of my great grandfather, David Todd Henion who joined the U. S. Armed Forces, a tour of duty in the U. S. Navy. My immediate family is diverse in worship spread between the United, World Wide, Marion Church of God and 7th Day. I guess you would call me a rebel because I believe in defending the constitution even if I must fight to preserve those rights, while the Civil War made such a great impact on Henions, many vowed never to fight again, as in the case of my great grandfather and his brothers and father.

Armstrong's Church of God known as World Wide Church of God (Early on - Radio Church of God - Plain Truth Magazine) compatriots such as Helms, Ellis, Walker, Barnes and Kiesz are men that the man who wrote the article on the church knew. They told him what HWA was like and what he did. He is familiar with Andrew N. Dugger, COG7 leader who helped Armstrong in the early years. Pioneer members of Armstrong's church, such as the Fishers, Conns, Eva Bodenhamer, Amy Larson, the Henions and many others told me about Armstrong and the Church of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Yet with all this data, there are many nagging, unanswered questions. Herbert Armstrong is a "man nobody knows." (Herbert W. Armstrong: 1892-1986). I know these people to and living through it as a child, I can tell you Armstrong was a good man but he was not what people believed and I ran from his teachings as fast as I could and joined the Navy.

My father now is proud of me I'm sure, but when I joined the Navy he boycotted my graduation. Now he’s a constitutional ranger as many years ago he evolved and followed his personal religious beliefs rather then an institution or a man. Sometimes you have to break out for yourself and your own ideas.

My great grandfather David Todd Henion married Verda Van Nostrand and they had one boy, my grandfather and 6 daughters. My grandfather Charles Lester was born Sept. 6, 1911; Lena, born May 19, 1909; Esther, born Jan 13, 1913; Vera, born July 4, 1915 all born in a sod house built in the sand hills of Nebraska on a land claim. Life was difficult in the sand hills. The winters were long and the blizzards took their toll on human and live stock alike, so my great grandparents moved their family to Fairview, Oklahoma in July 1915 where Hazel was born March 21, 1916 and Gladys July 7, 1921. Oklahoma was not an easy place in which to make a living for a large family. Year after year it was difficult to raise good crops with insufficient water. The wells would run dry for lack of rainfall and the fields would truly become a dust bowl, so the decision was made to move to Kansas in 1926 where Lavonne was born Dec. 10, 1926. In 1929, my great grandfather moved his family to Michigan where he bought some property from his brother Markus Laffitte. When my grandfather was nineteen, still living with his father, mother and sisters, the family moved to Soldler, Kansas in 1930. In 1934 everyone moved to Jefferson, Oregon via Oklahoma, Dodge City, Kansas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Boise, Portland and finally down 99-E to Salem and to the Jellison’s front yard, friends of my family. My grandfather married Alice Benight October 5, 1934 and they would stay in Oregon for the remainder of their lives, my grandmother living on the family farm, where my father and I live in Jefferson, Oregon. As a result of my father and uncle, my grandparents have seven grandchildren, thirteen great grandchildren and from my grandfathers sisters off spring, twenty nieces and nephews, while my grandmother’s family history dates back to the mayflower and when she was a young girl, crossed the Oregon Trail from Missouri on a covered wagon. The majority of the decedents of David Todd and Verda Van Nostrand’s off spring are presently living in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Keeping track of the Henion family tree is my uncle’s job and he believes that Peter Henion (my great, great, great grandfather) may be the brother of Milliard Fillmore Henion, the grandfather of Harry Dexter Henion whose son was Dexter Leeroy Henion, the father of Linda Sappington (Henion) St. George, Utah. Harry Dexter Henion’s great grandfather was Abraham Henion, his great, great grandfather was Tunis Henion and his great, great, great grandfather was David Peterson Henion. In 1986, I fail from a roof and broke my neck and as a result never had children.


A friend of my uncle, Loyd Henion, David Henry Henion’s (his prodigy number is vxkwigb) great grandmother was a Henion. Her father was William Edward Henion whose father was Martin Henion. Martin married Leah and was born in Mahwah (Hohokus/Ramsey) New Jersey. David Henry told my uncle an interesting story I hope one day can be verified. Rumor has it that General Washington spent a few days at the Henion mansion in Hohokus, and had his men and horses fed with goods from David Henry's ancestor. For this the family was given a citation from the Continental Congress. This was while General Washington was on leave from West Point. The table he had tea on is still in the family.

My uncle had a conversation with a Henry Henion’s widow years ago, and he was told that Henry was president of a large Civil Engineering firm in Chicago that designed large buildings and airports. Henry designed the Philadelphia airport and the jet ways we all walk on when entering the airplane and my Uncle, former Economic and Financial Manger and Planner for the Oregon Department of Transportation was invited to view the patents. The jetways apparently were originally referred to by some as, “Henion gangplanks”.

Henry Henion’s widow also told my Uncle that Henry was related to Aaron Burr, the infamous Vice President of the United States under Tomas Jefferson. It was Burr you may recall who shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. She further told my Uncle, that it was Colonel Henion that announced to the anxious crowd that President Abraham Lincoln was dead. There is a letter written by one of the middle aged unmarried sisters to the other unmarried sister, explaining the circumstance of their brother making the announcement. Today, the letter is in a museum in Chicago and explains how there brother spent that fated evening at the boarding house across from Ford’s theater. My uncle also as a copy of a letter from Colonel Henion to his sister, mentioning how heart wrenching it was to watch Mrs. Lincoln and Todd as they sobbed in the bedroom where the great man lie prostrate. It was the Colonel’s duty to search all who wanted entry to the boarding house.

In a book titled the International Workers of the World, the IWW or the “Woblies” was a radical labor union during the 1920 and 30’s in which Fred Henion was a signer of the original charter.

In 1994, IX Corps was deactivated, and the 9th Theater Army Area Command was activated in its place. My tour of duty in the U.S. Navy was 22 August 1977 to 18 February 1983

IX Corps Commanders - Camp Zama ... 16 May 77 - 23 May 80: LTG John Q. Henion USARJ - 9th TSC Camp Zama, JAPAN

In 1916 a drive was made to pay off the mortgage of The Presbyterian Story Presbyterian Church, Marion N. Y. which was accomplished by 60 in which the Henion family took part.



Herbert E. Henion Jr. welcomed a new grandson, Ethan James Kunz, on March 3, 2004. Ethan joins brother Dylan Michael, 4, and cousin Herbert E. Henion IV, 2. “I am enjoying my semi–retirement as a telephone interpreter for Pacific Interpreters,” Herbert writes. “Julia and I returned to Texas after six years in Seattle. Julia is chief nursing administrator at Driscoll Children’s Hospital, and I work as a phone interpreter for Pacific Interpreters. Our four children are all married, and we have two grandkids. If we ever retire, it will be to our ‘permanent’ address in San Antonio. My college roommate, George Torrey, and I keep in touch. He attended the weddings of my children Kathryn and Herbert III here in Texas, and I went to his daughter Rosslyn’s nuptials in Amherst, Mass.” Herbert can be reached at 13721 Cayo Cantiles, Corpus Christi, Tex.



Dave Henion - story by Katie Bryson “The Henion Bakery”


Harvest Community Church Pastor Dave Henion
8340 W 21st N
Across from Dairy Queen

Wichita, Kansas


http://members.aol.com/harvchurch/index.html http://members.aol.com/harvchurch/pastor.html

George Henion has with others promoted Dawn Patrol, a board game that simulates World War I aerial combat. It was created in the late 1960's by Mike Carr and subsequently released in seven editions, the latest produced by TSR Games. The game has been out of print since the 1980's although a new eighth edition is in the works. Dawn Patrol is also sometimes referred to by its original name, Fight in the Skies, or "Fits."


Village of Brockport Guestbook 2003 - "Hey just wanted to say hello from the Canadian shore to all the people I met as a teen at the Brockport Yacht Club...the Brouwers , Henions , Nathan , Glen , Tim , Kara , etc..."


Cheryl Hennion Hahn is researching Henions and Henyans who lived in Dutchess and Putnam Counties. They married Davenport, Mead, Knapp, Scofield, Lancaster, Luddington, and McKeel to name a few that I know of.



CONKLIN family mainly in the Sloatsburg, Rockland County NY area and had connections to Bergen Co. and Passaic Co. NJ

John Hiram CONKLIN was born 7 October 1865/1866 in NY (funeral record). The first record I have found for him is his marriage on 27 Nov 1886 to Delia FARRELL (daughter of John FARRELL and Bridget DEVINE) in Paterson, Passaic Co, NJ. According to their marriage certificate, Hiram was living in Allendale, NJ (Bergen Co.) and was the son of Hiram CONKLIN and Harriett CLARK. Hiram may have had a sister named Harriett Louise CONKLIN.

Hiram and Delia CONKLIN had the following known children, all born in NY:

1. William (b. Aug 1887, d. 1982, bur. Sloatsburg Cemetery) married Elizabeth HENION (1882-1967), d/o William HENION (1839-1908) and Jane KINCAID (1839-1916); known children: Dorothy(b. abt 1909) and Griswold (b. abt 1913).

2. Lillie May (b. Mar 1890) married Sylvester D. GANNON, s/o James GANNON and Maggie THORP on 28 July 1912 at Tuxedo NY.

3. Hattie (b. Dec 1891)
4. Annie (b. Jul 1894)
5. J. Hiram (b. Jul 1895)
6. Charles P. (b. Jan 1898)
7. Nora (b. Jan 1900)
8. Elijah (b. abt 1907), living with his father in Hohokus Twp, Bergen Co. NJ for 1920 census

Delia FARRELL CONKLIN died 10 Jan 1909 in the Town of Ramapo and was buried in Hohokus NJ (cemetery unknown). Hiram may have then married a widow named Anna GANNON (perhaps widow of William GANNON of Sloatsburg NY?). They were living in Hohokus Twp, Bergen Co. NJ for 1920 census. Hiram died 13 Nov 1931 in Morris Plains, NJ and was buried in Hohokus, NJ (cemetery unknown).

The Parish Register of St. John's in the Wilderness, Rockland Co. NY, shows Harriet Louise CONKLIN, baptized 1884, d/o Hiram CONKLIN and Harriet CLARK who might be Hiram's sister.

Children of William and Elizabeth (HENION)? Any cemeteries in Hohokus? Delia was the sister of
Geralyn Barry’s g-gfather Dennis FARRELL of Paterson NJ. As reported by Wood Barry Corvallis, Oregon and believes Surnames to be HENION, CONKLIN, FARRELL, CLARK, DEVINE, KINCAID, GANNON, THORP gbarry@proaxis.com




Wanda Marie Cothren Williams was born in Suffern, N.Y. (Rockland Co.). Wanda’s grandfather's name was William Homer Conklin born on Sept. 2, 1914. His father's name was William Stewart (Staurt) Conklin, mother's name was Barbara Ellen Kyles Conklin. Wanda’s grandfather's parent's are buried at St. John's in the wilderness Cem.. Wanda’s grandfather is buried in Sloatsburg. As reported by Wanda Marie Cothren Williams.




Leslie thinks Edward Henions family who lived on Lincoln Street in Sloatsburg, N.Y. may have known of the Conklins who also lived I believe on the same street. His wifes name is Enni Henion.




There is a William W. Henion listed in old family bible, b.7/18/1829, d.6/4/1871 in Ann Arbor, Mich. As reported by Mary Smith.




The parents of this William Henion is believed to be John Henion and Peggy Carlough married 6 July 1833, Slotes Factory, West New Hempstead Reformed Church. The parents of John are not known, while there are eight additional children for William Henion and Jane Kincaid. As reported by Cheryl Hennion Hahn and Surnames are believed to be Henion, Kincaid, Carlough.




Edward Henion was Herb’s father's first cousin. Herb’s father is Herbert E. Henion and he had one brother, Harold.

Herb’s grandfather and his father were brothers. There were 9 siblings in my grandfather's family: Mary, George, John, Robert, Charles, David, William, Albert, and Elizabeth.

Their parents were William Henion and Jane Kincaid, both born in 1839, and William's parents were John Henion and Peggy Carlough, who could possibly be Hrb’s great-great grandparents.
As repored by Herb Henion and believes Surnames to be Henion, Kincaid and Carlough.






Henions from Ann Arbor Mt. Pleasant area Michigan


Mary Smiths grandmother was Lotta Charlena Henion, her father was Cornelius B. Henion of N.Y. mother was Rebecca Markel of N.Y. As reported by Mary Smiths . http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec?htx=message&r=rw&p=surnames.henion&m=1


Josephine Grieve is researching his Henion Ancestors from Ann Arbor. Josephine’s Grandmother was Gertrude E. Henion - her father was George M. Henion. He was born On April 4, 1824. Gertrude married Homer Boughton Henderson (also from the Ann Arbor area). Their son, Homer Henion Henderson is my father and my maiden name was Josephine Henion Henderson. I'm looking for relatives of George M. Henion and his wife, Eliza Lansing Henion. As reported by Josephine Grieve.




Mary Smith reports Josephine Grieve great-grandfather, George M. Henion,b.4/4/1824 is mentioned, along with many other Henions in Mary’s Henion family bible records. As reported by Mary Smith



Josephine Hutchinson Decker Henion


Terri Hutchinson great aunt was Josephine Hutchinson of Rooklyn, NY. Her first marraige was to Joseph Decker of NY but her second marraige was in 1915 to Thomas Taylor Henion of 2306 Albermarle Road in Brooklyn, NY. Thomas was born in Ogdensburg, NJ and was a Plumber. He was 29 years old. His father
was Joseph (who was born in the US) and his mother was Elizabeth Taylor (of Ireland). There whereabouts taught to be near 40
th Street in Brooklyn. As reported by Terri Hutchinson.






Brian Drake’s mother's maiden name was Henion. She was born in Ogdensburg. Her ancestors moved to Ogdensburg from Morris County in about 1850. My great grandfather was Isaac Henion who was born about 1853. Isaac had three brothers (Henry, Peter, Joseph) and two sisters, Eliza and Sarah. Isaac Henion was the person Brian Drake descended from. His son (Brian’s grandfather) was William Henry Henion. Brian believes the first Henion to live in Sussex County (Hardyston Township AKA: Ogdensburg) was Samuel Henion and his wife Phebe. (Isaac Henion's father/mother.) Brian’s mother and three of her siblings still lives in the area. As reported by Brian Drake.






Barbara Newton’s maiden name is Henion and her Father is James Henion. He has 6 other siblings that orginated in the Wanaque NJ area. Barbara’s grandmother is Dot Henion ( Degroat) that married Fabian Henion who died before she was born. As reported by Robert Smith and Surnames are believed to be Christianson, Twaddle, Sweet, Gregson, Smith, Herban, Rice, Cook, Brower, Kempf.




John Henion, was born in New Jersey abt 1807, with both parents being born in New Jersey. His wife Ruth was born in New York in 1814, her father being born in New York and her mother being born in New Jersey. Sometime, as near as can be determined in the 1860's the family moved to Michigan. John had several children, those known are Nelson R., bn N.Y. in 1852, Newton H., born in 1852 (thought to be twins). As reported by Robert Smith and Surnames are believed to be Christianson, Twaddle, Sweet, Gregson, Smith, Herban, Rice, Cook, Brower, Kempf.




John Henion that moved to Oceana county, Michigan, wife was Ruth. They had twins Nelson and Newton. I am searching for John's parents and relatives, I think are connected to those in Yates, Orleans, New York. As reported by Peggy Henion




Isaac Henion from Walden, NY b=abt1774 and married to Abigale Halstead b-abt 1775 Married May 29 1796, As reported by Dwight Halstead.




Brian Drake has most of his Henion ancestors names back to his g-g-grandfather, Samuel Henyon (Henion,etc). He’s researching Samuel's parents and the last name of Samuel's wife Phebe (and her parents). According to naming patterns of the time, Samuel's father should be Henry (because Samuel's oldest son was named Henry). Samuel's parents were probably born about 1775, probably, as another post mentions, in Morris County or Bergen County, N.J. Vital records will shed some light. As reported by Brian Drake.




Robert Smith reports his records listing a John Henion, born in New Jersey abt 1807, with both parents being born in New Jersey. His wife Ruth was born in New York in 1814, her father being born in New York and her mother being born in New Jersey. Sometime, as near as can be determined in the 1860's the family moved to Michigan. John had several children; those known are Nelson R., bn N.Y. in 1852, Newton H., born in 1852(thought to be twins). There are other older children there names not reported older. As reported by Robert Smith and  Surnames are believed to be Christianson, Twaddle, Sweet, Gregson, Smith, Herban, Rice, Cook, Brower, Kempf.



Peter Henion of Lisbon, St. Lawrence, NY 1749


Peter Henion was married to Elizabeth Sharp. He was born about 1749, apparently the son of Elias Hennion and Maria Phillips. Elizabeth was born about 1754, daughter of Michael Sharp and Elizabeth Karp. They had several children baptized at Schenectady and Rhinebeck/Red Hook area in late 1700s. Peter Henion was a pioneer settler of Lisbon, St. Lawrence, New York, in 1800. As researched by Bill Hull and Surnames are believed to be HENION, SHARP, SCHERP.




Gloria Ann Henion of Mi.


Lynsey’s is looking for the biological parent (or parents) of Gloria Ann Henion, born in June or July of ( I believe) 1935. She was given up for adoption and went through the adoption agency in St. Joe, Mi.@ about 2 years of age. Lynsey is her daughter. As reported by Lynsey. lapatton@hotmail.com




Henions at Kingston, NY


Joseph Hasbrouck Deyo, eldest son of Peter and Marie, married Mary Jane Henion. I am the eldest of their eight children. Their names were: Melvina, Henrietta, Isaac Davis, Milford Vernooy, Laura, Arthur Ferris, Fred Travis, and Mary.

My father and mother were married at Kingston, NY, May 30, 1845, at what is now the old Senate House but was then the Dutch Reform Parsonage.

My mother’s people were all members of that church, being part Holland Dutch.

My grandfather, Peter H. Deyo, was born September 21, 1797. His wife, Marie Freer Deyo, was born October 10, 1791.

My mother’s family I know but little. They were French, Holland, and Irish blood –the Deyos French and Holland Dutch.

Grandfather John Henion had two brothers, Peter and Henry. Peter I remember well. He lived at Rhinebeck, NY. Uncle Henry was a sailor. I never saw him. Two sisters, Betsy (I never saw her) and Hannah, unmarried, who used to visit us every year.

My grandmother Henion was Hulda Sleight, her mother Deborah Humphrey, and her grandmother was a Bevier.

General Humphrey of the Revolutionary War was my relative.

. . . the generations as far as I can tell them on grandmother Henion’s side: Clarissa Bevier, Mehitable Humphrey, Deborah Sleight, Hulda Henion, Mary J. Deyo, Melvina Deyo Story.

--(note: these are married names)

--written by Melvina I. (Deyo) Story

Note: This family seemed very conscious of their family history. Huldah Sleight Henion’s father was Daniel Sleight as is inscribed on the gravestone next to her mother’s name at Hurley Association Cemetery. As researched by Cheryl Hennion Hahn and Surnames are believed to be Henion, Sleight, Deyo, Humphrey, Bevier, Story, Freer and Hasbrouck.




David J. Henion & Ann Kip (1800)


From typed copy of bible record at NYG&B

Bapt. Oct 27, 1811 David b. 6 Aug 1810 parents: David Henion & Ann Kip

Sabret b. 19 July 1810 parents: William Horton & Catharine Basum

James Ackerman b. 9 March 1811 parents: Lemmuel Sweet & Elizabeth Ackerman

Henry 27 April 1811 parents: Theunis Hennion & Rachel Ackerman

John 4th Sept 1808
Mary Ann 4 March 1810
John Duryea V D M (no date)

Parents for the three above: Henry Hennion & Jane Backhover

David, fourth son of David & Ann Henion was born the Sixth day of August 1810 in the State of NY in the County of Senneca and Town of Fayette on Mr. Peter Dey's Farm named David.

This is one of the worst stormes we have had this Oct. 1857 (name next to this looks like Lisle or Linle Vanderhoof).

David I.* Hennion was born the eighteenth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven Hundred and Sixty Four.

Ann his wife was born the 25th May 1764.

David P.* Hennion and Ann Kip was joined in Mattrimony the 25th of February 1787.

1. Henry son of David & Ann was born Feb. 6, 1788
2. Garret their second son was b. July 4, 1790
3. Frowny their first dau was born the 3d of January 1793
4. Second dau Leah was b June 9, 1796 d. Feb. 17 1879
5. Third dau Margaret was b June 2, 1798
6. Fourth dau Catherine was b 28th May 1799
7. Third son Tunis was born the 27th of August 1800
(Note 8th child David b. 1810 above)

First dau of Nicholas Vader and his wife Phebe Canfield was born the eleventh day of March in the year of our Lord 1806 named Mary Ann.

Phebe Canfield wife of Nicholas Vader departed this life 11th day April 1807.

David I.* Henion departed this life in the yeare of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty.

John Vader first son of Garret & Ann his wife was born the 24th of November 1781.

Second son Nicholas was born the 25th December 1783.

First son of John Vader and Ann his wife was born July 8th 1805 named David.

Second son George was born 23 April 1807.

Third son Sammuel was born 5th of November 1809.

Ann Ryerson wife of John Vader departed this life 10th Nov 1809.

Note: This David J. Henion was son of John J. Hennion and Froutje Doremus. He and his brother Theunis married Kip sisters (just as their father and his brother Theunis had married Doremus sisters). Ann Kip had two sons, John and Nicholas, with her first husband Garret Vader whose parents were Antje Hennion and Harmanus Vader/Veeder. This Antje was d/o Gerrit Hennion and Maritje Van Vorst.

*Note the confusion about David's middle initial. J, T, and I were frequently confused.

Thanks to "Ronnie" Henion Kramer who found this record at NYG&B. As researched by
Cheryl Hennion Hahn and Surnames are believed to be Henion, Hennion, Kip, Vader, Veeder, Doremus, Ackerman, Horton, Basum, Sweet, Backhover, Dey, Vanderhoof, Canfield, Van Vorst.




Elizabeth Nykolaiszyn is interested in knowing if John Vader is related to Catherine and Peter Vader or even a John G. Vader b.1800/1815 ?? who married a Nancy(Gardener)Fuller?? As reported by Elizabeth Nykolaiszyn.




Mary Ann Henion b. March 4, 1810 NY is Paula ______ 2x Great Grandmother. She married Phineas H. Tyler had children in Orleans Co., Yates, NY they moved to MI as reported and believes Surnames are Henion, Tyler and Paula has a lot on the Family , including letters of Mary Ann's, Bible pages of hers and her children but as no information about her parents Henry Hennion and Jane Backover. As reported by Paula.




Henry Henion of Cayauga Co., NY


Henry Henion and wife are buried at Old Montezuma Cemetery, Cayauga Co., NY, according to on-line cemetery records. As researched by Cheryl Hennion.




Ada Pyott Henion of  NYC


Ada Pyott Henion of  NYC was the great-grandmother of Bonnie Robertson. Ada divorced Bonnies g-grandfather (Benner) and he moved back to Alabama around 1900 with their son, Kenneth. As reported by Bonnie Robertson.




Peter Henion of Rhinebeck, NY (1799)


Deaths Vol. 1 from Rhinebeck, NY, Newspapers 1846-1899:

Peter Henion died August 6, 1870 at 71 years this village from a stack of lumber falling on him.

Peter Henion was the son of Petrus Henion and Eva Meyer and brother of John Henion buried at Hurley, NY. Peter was the husband of Christina Schryver. Their children were Catharine Helen m. Traver; Ann Maria; John William m. Cecelia; Emma Louisa; Julia Caroline m. Risley; Robert Henry. Peter and Christina are buried at Assoc. Cem., Rhinebeck, NY. As researched by
Cheryl Hennion Hahn and Surnames are believed to be Henion, Schryver, Meyer, Traver, Risley.


Louise Stephenson Henion (1894) and Robert (Royal) Henion (1892) of Albany, New York


James Henion is a decendant of Louise Stephenson Henion, 4/17/1894-1/5/1960, and Robert (Royal) Henion, 6/25/1892-?) of Albany, New York and Surnames are believed to be Henion and Stephenson. They were my grandparents. I have long been looking for information on the ancestors of Robert Henion but have not found anything. I do know that he had a brother, Clement who lived in Orange NJ many years ago. I do have some information on the Stephenson line as well as the Newell line. Research presented by Doret Jenkins and James Henion.






Harriet May Henion of NY


Linda Smith is looking for the family of Harriet May Henion that was born in Medina, NY., who might have had a sister Floretta. As reported by Linda Smith.




David A Henry (Henion/Hennion/Henyan)


David A Henry is descended from Andrew Henion and Caroline "Tyne" Myers from Mahwah area, through their son Martin. His great grandmother was born in Butler, Morris County NJ. As reported by David A Henry.





Tunis and or Tunis T. Hennion of Fayette, Seneca, NY 1815


Tunis Henion & Abraham Ackerman Donate Land for the Presbyterian Church of West Fayette.

The First Presbyterian Church of West Fayette was organized on the 5th of January, A. D. 1825. Rev. Henry Axtell, D. D., was chosen moderator, and Rev. Azariah J. Orton was chosen clerk. There were twenty-six members. It was under the care of Geneva Presbytery. Its first elders were George Markle, John Mead and Tunis Dey. Its trustees were Anthony Dey, Pierson Dey, Stephen Cook, Josiah Easton and James Houghtaling. In 1825, land was donated to the society for the erection of a church edifice by Abraham Ackerman and Tunis Henion. The building was erected and dedicated during the year 1826 as researched by
Cheryl Hennion Hahn and Surnames are believed to be Henion, Ackerman, Axtell, Orton, Markle, Mead, Dey, Cook, Easton, Houghtaling.




One of John Henions ancestors is named Tunis Henion. He was born 10 Nov 1815 in Fayette, Seneca, NY and died 16 Feb 1893. He Married Emiline Genung in 1837 in Brockport, Monroe, NY. Tunis' parents are believd to be John and Ruth Henion, in Yates in 1850.




Tunis Henion of Fayette; d. 8/8/1854, wife Rachel (Ackerman), ch. Anna, Peter, Fayette; Garret, Tunis, Varick; Henry, Seneca Falls; Sophronia C. wife of Hudson Dodge, Cazenovia; Elizabeth, wife of Stephen Cook, Morenci, MI; James and Abraham Henion, Adrian, MI.

Cemetery Record:

Tunis Henion d. 8/8/1854, 87
Rachel Henion, wf. d. 9/15/1854, 83
Ann Elizabeth Henion d. 9/16/1845, 3 9 14

This information received from Betty Auten, former historian, Seneca Co., NY. As researched by
Cheryl Hennion Hahn and Surnames and believed to be Henion, Ackerman, Dodge and Cook.




Tunis T. Hennion father was Tunis J. Hennion who was married to Anna Doremus. His brothers would have been Henry, Johannes, Hessel, and Gerritt. Sisters would have been Antje and Vroaches. As researched by Josephine Grieve, Tunis T. Hennion Surnames are believed to be Hennion, Tallman, Doremus, Straatmaker, Ackerman.




Tunis D. Henion, Shandaken, Ulster Co., NY


Surnames as researched by Cheryl Hennion Hahn are Henion, Clark, Brundage and the following information establishes 68-acres jointly owned between Tunis D. Henion and Daniel Clark of Gorham, Ontario Co., NY


Date of Purchase: 1 April 1826

Grantee: Caleb Brundage of Hopewell in the Co. of Ontario, State of NY

Grantor: Tunis D. Henion and Daniel Clark of Gorham, Ontario Co., NY

Location: Town of Shandaken, Ulster Co., NY

Size of Purchase: 68 acres on the west part of Lot No. 17. Said Lot No. 17 of the Hardenburgh Patent contains 105 67/100 acres.

Purchase Price: $100

Deed refers to Lot No. 2 in Great Lot No. 6 of the Hardenburgh Patent consisting of 14,000 acres which was conveyed to the State of CT by Samuel Wm. Johnson 1 Sept 1800.

State of NY, Ontario Co: 24 June 1837 John Brundage of Town of Hopewell appears before Oliver Phelps, Supreme Court Commissioner, and swears that he saw Caleb and Juliana Brundage now living in Town of Seneca, Seneca Co., Ohio, execute this deed which he witnessed. Joseph Brundage of Hopewell appears at the same time and says he knows John Brundage. As researched by
Cheryl Hennion Hahn and Surnames are believed to be Henion, Clarkand Brundage.




Peter HENION, Lisbon, New York – 1800 - Seeking any info on descendants of Peter Henion and Elizabeth Sharp who settled in Lisbon, St. Lawrence County, New York, in 1800, as requested by Bill Hull.




John Henion 1795 of Rhinebeck, NY


The following researched by Cheryl Hennion Hahn is an excerpt from a deed found at Dutchess Co. Courthouse. It is genealogically interesting in that it lists all the children of Daniel H. Sleight and his wife Deborah Humphrey. Their daughter Huldah married John Henion who was bp.1795 at the German Reformed Church of Rhinebeck, NY. John and Huldah Henion and her mother Deborah Humphrey Sleight are buried at Hurley Association Cemetery, Hurley, Ulster Co., NY.

"This indenture made this fourth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty four between Deborah Sleight widow of Daniel H. Sleight late of the town of Clinton in Dutchess County, Henry Sleight Junior as Guardian under the act entitled an act in addition to the act concerning infants passed the twenty fourth of March one thousand eight hundred fifteen of Juliana Sleight and Mary Sleight, survivors of Hiram Sleight, Juliana Sleight and Mary Sleight infant children and heirs at Law
of the said Daniel H. Sleight deceased, and Henry D. Sleight and Freelove his wife, John S. Sleight and Elizabeth his wife, Jacob Mosher and Jane his wife, Samuel Sharpsteen and Margaret his wife, Elias Sleight and Rebecca his wife, John Henion and Huldah his wife which said Henry D. Sleight, John S. Sleight, Jane Mosher wife of Jacob Mosher, Margaret Sharpsteen wife of Samuel Sharpsteen, Elias Sleight and Huldah Henion wife of John Henion are the remaining children and heirs at law of the said Daniel H. Sleight
deceased parties of the first part and Tilley Crouse and Robert Morey of Clinton aforesaid of the second part. Whereas the aforesaid Daniel H. Sleight, deceased, in his life time and at the time of his death was seized in fee of all that certain farm situate in the town of Clinton aforesaid in a Patent known and distinguished at the Great and lower Nine Partners and is part of Lot No. 3 in the second general division of said Patent known by Lot A, and is part of a lot distinguished by No. 2 in a Map made by Charles De Witt Esquire in the year 1767 and is distinguished in a Map made 4
th November 1790 by Jacob Smith as lot No. 1, lying on east and adjoining the little Wappingers Creek. Comprehended? in the following bounds. Beginning at a crotched elm tree marked on four sides, standing on the west bank of the aforesaid Creek and run from thence south eighty-six degrees forty-five minutes west forty three chains and fifty links to a stake and stones, then south twenty five chains . . ."




Henions of Passaic County NJ or Orange, NY


Thomas Henion who married Elizabeth Rose. Elizabeth's parents were Elisha Rose and Elizabeth (Youmans?) Family lived in Passaic Co, NJ and/or Orange Co, NY. Jane born approx 1847. As reported by LuckmanM@AOL. http://boards.ancestry.com/mbexec?htx=message&r=rw&p=surnames.henion&m=19


Here is a link for the Hennion Surname List: http://archiver.rootsweb.com/th/index/HENNION








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