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Weapons of Mass Destruction; EQNEEDF letter to The President of the U.S. Of America


TO: The President of the U.S. Of America


Dear Mr. President Bush


In our nations history, never before has weapons of mass destruction been so readily available and this threat so viable, it’s only prudent that the U.S. lead the way in dismantling nuclear war heads. To suggest that the U.S. become the world’s depository for spent Plutonium I think is unrealistic, yet we must assist any country that is willing to dismantle WMD’s while governments throughout the world should share the responsibility of storing nuclear waste in predetermined regions.


Southwest Research and Information Center (Nuclear Waste Safety Program)


The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant: How Well is "Accelerated Cleanup" Working?


We must assist Israel with their defense, not spending blood for the same ground twice, while strengthening both defense and offensive positions of Israel and encourage the Unification of the Lebanese Army, so the Lebanese people can be protected by their own Armed Forces from terrorist operating inside their sovereign territory.


Israel’s right to survival is as inherit as our own and their destruction would result in the devastation of the middle east and would be profoundly felt world wide, while the utter destruction would be compared to biblical if not prehistoric times if Israel was forced to launch a couple of Jericho 2s at Iran or Syria.


For the U.S. to come to Israel’s side militarily at this time is seen by some as “escalating the war” while I don’t disagree, I can only hope and pray you’ll defend our allies during times of war.


The fact that our nation is still at war with terrorist groups throughout the world, inside Iraq and Afghanistan, and not the governments of either country the U.S. invaded testifies to the fact that the war America is currently waging extends outside the boarder of Iraq or Afghanistan.


Providing Israel as many defensive systems, spare parts and material, while providing humanitarian resources to both Israel and the Libeneanse people is seen by me as only prudent.


As a defender of equality and justice how can I not speak out against those desirous of ending life as we know it. My view points I’m sure, shared by my brethren in Israel as my faith is equal, while my acceptance of our Lord Jesus may differ in theological observance, I hold fast the teachings of the Old Testament in the Kings James Version of the Living Holy Bible.


The history channel broadcasts documentaries about natural disasters as a result of mother natures furry or heaven for bid, an asteroid. It’s time, once again, to show the American people what will happen to human kind if a terrorist gains access to a nuclear bomb, and launches it at a sensitive area of the earth.


Very Respectfully,


Bruce Wayne Henion



Copy to: Prime Minister's Curriculum Vitae

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UH Geology and Geophysics Department.





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Ejido Ursulo Galvan, Ensenada, B. C. Mexico 


Dear Prime Minister:


In the midst’s of much endured suffering and the loss of so many, and many more if events escalate, it’s extremely difficult to be patient. You’re enemies, equipped with rockets, launching them at you illustrates the urgency in which the international crisis must be solved.


I support you in what ever you must do.


Prime Minister Ehud OlmertPrime Minister's Office
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P.O.B. 187
Kiryat Ben-Gurion
Jerusalem 91919
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Prime Minister's Curriculum Vitae



Is the plight of Israel the plight of the world? You decide.


Terrorists’ use of nuclear weapons is likely unless nations take action to eliminate weapons of mass destruction. The United States spends $27 billion annually to prepare to fight a nuclear war, while the U.S. has expended $3.5 trillion between 1940 and 1995 to prepare to fight a nuclear war. An estimated 128,000 nuclear warheads have been built worldwide since 1945. All but 2 percent of these nuclear warheads have been built by the United States (55 percent or 70,000+) and Russia (43 percent or 55,000+). The total number of intact nuclear warheads retained by the U.S. and Russia is considered to be 28,800 as of February 4, 2003, while the number of intact nuclear warheads throughout the world is 30,000. 17,500 of these are considered operational. The U.S. has 10,729 intact nuclear warheads (274 warheads are awaiting dismantlement), while there are 10,455 warheads in the U.S. stockpile. The U.S. approximate operational strategic U.S. nuclear weapons consist of 7,000 as compared to Russian’s strategic nuclear weapons approximate number of 5,000. The total number of operational nuclear warheads in the Russian arsenal consists of 8,400. The approximate number of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons consist of 1,600 (~800 of these are operational), as compared to Russia’s 3,400 (total tactical arsenal said to comprise as many as 10,000+ weapons), while the U.S. Component parts ("strategic reserve" or plutonium pits) in U.S. nuclear arsenal consist of ~5,000 as of February 4, 2003.


Under START II beginning in 2003, the approximate number of strategic U.S. nuclear weapons consists of 3,500, as compared to Russia’s 3,000, while the approximate number of strategic nuclear weapons suggested as the ceiling for the United States and Russia under START III agreement is estimated between 1,500-2,000, while the maximum number of deployed strategic nuclear weapons that will remain in the U.S. and Russian arsenals by 2012 as agreed to by The Treaty of Moscow (also known as SORT) signed by U.S. President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin in May 2002 is between 1,700 to 2,200.


One B-2 bomber cost 2.2 billion (21 were authorized by Congress), with the lifecycle cost of each B-2 (RDT&E, procurement, operations, maintenance, and support) at $2.5 billion. From 1996 to 2006, an estimated 297 billion has been allocated by the U.S. to prepare to fight a nuclear war.


Current Nuclear Arsenals - Updated Feb. 26, 2002


Nuclear Weapons Data Base -    China; France; India; Israel; Pakistan; Russia; United Kingdom and the United States


The United States nuclear warhead arsenal will be approximately 10,000 in 2012 (essentially the same number as today) if the reductions laid out in the Treaty of Moscow are completed by transferring warheads from active delivery vehicles to either a "responsive force" or to "inactive reserve." The active force will consist of approximately 3,500 warheads. (500 ICBM+ 1,680 SLBM + 1,376 bomber)


The figures cited above were gathered with the aid of resources from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) website.


Robert S. Norris and Hans M. Kristesen, "NRDC Nuclear Notebook: Global Nuclear Stockpiles, 1945-2002," The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, November/December 2002.


These approximate values don’t take in to consideration the dismantling and storage of other countries nuclear waste disposal:


“The $250 million budget request for reprocessing is a part of the proposed Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP), a large, expensive program to promote reprocessing in the United States and in other countries. The House, expressing serious concerns about the proposed GNEP program, cut the budget by more than half to $120 million in its recently passed Energy and Water Appropriations bill. The House report concluded that “the Department of Energy has failed to provide sufficient detailed information to enable Congress to understand fully all aspects of this initiative, including cost, schedule, technology development plan, and waste streams from GNEP.” Without this information, Congress cannot determine whether this program is fiscally sound and in the best interests of U.S. national and energy security.


Commercial reprocessing, in fact, is not a new idea. In fact, more than $40 billion has been spent globally on reprocessing technologies that have never become commercially successful. A 1996 report by the National Academy of Sciences concluded that the costs of reprocessing and transmutation of irradiated fuel from waste produced by existing U.S. reactors alone “easily could be more than $100 billion,” in addition to the cost of a geologic repository.”


“On April 8, 2002, Nevada objected to the President's recommendation. On May 8, 2002, the House approved the Yucca Mountain site 306-117. On July 9, 2002, the Senate approved the Yucca Mountain site by voice vote following a procedural "motion to proceed" vote on 60-39. This approval, which became known as the Yucca Mountain Development Act, was signed into law by the President on July 23, 2002 (Public Law 107-200). With the completion of this decision in 2002, the repository is at least 12 years behind schedule, no site has been selected for an interim storage facility and the federal government has defaulted on a long-standing obligation to begin moving used fuel for the nation’s nuclear plants by January 1998.”


Where will we store other countries Nuclear Waste while we build our own depository?

Likely Nuclear Arsenals under the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty (Moscow Treaty)


Summary of Israel's Possible Nuclear Delivery Systems:


Israel’s possible Nuclear Delivery Systems consist of Jericho 1 deployed in 1973 with a maximum range of 500km and 50 to 100 launch capability; Jericho 2 deployed in 1990 with a maximum range of 1,500 to 4,000km and ~50 launch capability; Lance deployed in 1975 with a maximum range of 130km and no launch capability reported and due to the secrecy with which Israel shrouds its nuclear arsenal renders estimates of its size highly unreliable. Generally, however, it is estimated that Israel has between 100 and 200 nuclear warheads. In addition their Airpower consists of F4E 2000 Phantom’s with a range of 1,600km and F-16 Falcon’s deployed in 1980 with a range of 630km.


Should I Israel stand alone? Personally I’d rather not have Jericho 2s fall in the hands of those fighting against Israel nor would I like to see Iran complete its nuclear weapons delivery systems and I would remind everyone that a nuclear explosive detonated in a sensitive area of the earth, could cause mass destruction beyond your wildest imagination:


Great Subduction Zone earthquakes are the largest earthquakes in the world, and can exceed magnitude 9.0. Earthquake size is proportional to fault area, and the Cascadia Subduction Zone is a very long sloping fault that stretches from mid-Vancouver Island to Northern California. It separates the Juan de Fuca and North America plates. New ocean floor is being created offshore of Washington and Oregon. As more material wells up along the ocean ridge, the ocean floor is pushed toward and beneath the continent. The Cascadia Subduction Zone is where the two plates meet. The width of the Cascadia Subduction Zone fault varies along its length, depending on the temperature of the subducted oceanic slab, which heats up as it is pushed deeper beneath the continent. As it becomes hotter and more molten it eventually loses the ability to store mechanical stress and generate earthquakes. The "locked" zone is storing up energy for an earthquake, and the "transition" zone, although somewhat plastic, could probably rupture.


Because of the very large fault area, the Cascadia Subduction Zone could produce a very large earthqauke, magnitude 9.0 or greater, if rupture occurred over its whole area and as a result tidal waves will be generated, waves that would impact the coast rather rapidly as some areas are within 30-miles of land. Therefore the U.S. Navy’s fleet in Bremerton Washington will be destroyed, suggesting we might want to store decommissioned ships some where else, further inland along maybe the Columbia River meant only as an example. Restoration of U.S. Aircraft Carriers with new modernized propulsion systems capable of using hydrogen fuel would be my choice while constructing sea going Hydrogen Fuel Power Plants that could refuel tankers. A few distillation ships and electrical power plants converted from present decommissioned U.S. Navy ships would be prudent. Of course we can noting and react only in time of natural disaster as in the case of New Orleans. We must reopen ship yards and put to sea our now dormant assets or when the need arrives we won’t have the sea going resources necessary to rebuild our environment and sustain human life.


Could a Nuclear explosive accelerate this calamity? You decide. Can you name other sensitive places throughout the world that a nuclear explosion could cause serious geological disruptions in the earth’s crust, like maybe the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park displaying the results of 70 million years of volcanism, migration, and evolution


Bruce Wayne Henion



From : Prime Minister's Office <PM_ENG1>

Sent : Monday, July 24, 2006 12:25 AM

To : "bruce henion" <bwhenion>

Subject : RE: Should Israel Stand Alone


"Thank you for your e-mail to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.


The State of Israel is engaged in a struggle for its very survival. Following the complete withdrawals from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, we were subjected to unprovoked attacks on our sovereign territory, culminating in the kidnapping of three of our soldiers and the deaths of 10 others. Since then, Israel has been subjected to a barrage of missiles launched from both the Gaza Strip and Lebanon, intentionally targeting innocent civilians.


We will continue to take determined and forceful steps to bring our captured soldiers home safe and sound, keep the Hezbollah out of Southern Lebanon and weaken the terrorist infrastructures established in Gaza and Lebanon. We have every desire to live in peace with our neighbors, however we must determinedly reject every attempt to subjugate us and force us to relinquish our right to security and peace: we will not rest until the security of Israel’s citizens is ensured, and until there is peace and tranquility in our land. Our greatest wish is a peaceful and normal life – something taken for granted in many places.


We appreciate your support in these trying times, and thank you for taking the time to write to us."



Prime Minister’s Office – E-Correspondence


I agree that that Muslims believe they should be the rulers of the world, and I could easily quote scripture from Daniel to Revelation that we could be in the end times, but the world is much different then it was in old testament times and even though I may support behavioral guidelines set forth in the bible, that doesn't mean I believe that the entire earth flooded, when science can proof only Iraq flooded, although I guess it’s possible, although not probable, that Noah’s Ark had the first oxygen chamber, since there would have been no oxygen in the atmosphere, and with the diversity of species throughout the world, distance traveled, too include crossing oceans or maybe an ice bridge between Greenland and Alaska, its just not realistic to believe Noah’s Ark housed all the species of animal kind. Having said that, I don’t disbelieve miracles and great events of historical significance testified by prophets in the Bible.


By know your asking what the heck has that got to do with anything. Well everything, as it illuminates the diversity in ideology between peoples of the world with the exception that the Muslims govern their lives on a 1,000-year old teaching of at that time, the worlds premier terrorist, exalting him as their leader, and while we must be ever so watchful of those who follow in their leaders foot steps, we must distinguish the difference between Muslims who are peaceful seeking freedom and disarm and or eliminate by force and offensive movements, those who target any and everyone who dares to be indifferent to their ideology. In the last few minutes of writing this comment even more rockets were launched by Monkeys hitting Israel. There will be no peace until the world is rid of Shake-n-Bake NUTS and the sooner the international community can see that, the sooner the world will be at peace, not with standing our Caribbean neighbor arming themselves from weapons and planes from our Russian allies or Korea, while unfortunately the U. S. is presently bearing the front of the battle in Afghanistan and Iraq, Israel must bear the front on her boarders, leading the way in the fight against militant fascist.


I say let them go home and then we can face off another day on their own ground. Let them turn the United Nations down and stay, and then watch the world get rid of them.



Pillars of the Temple of Liberty


Hezbollah, the Taliban, and al Qaeda know not the Pillars of the temple of liberty so elegantly told to us by Abraham Lincoln in his address to the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois. His gentle words give me inspiration and aforementioned militants in Lebanon sponsored by Lyba and Syria have no reverence for general intelligence, sound morality, and in particular, a reverence for the Constitution and laws, molded from reason – cold calculating, unimpassioned reason, the words of Abraham Lincoln.


“Upon these let the proud fabric of freedom rest as the rock of its basis; and as truly as has been said of the only greater institution, the gates of hell shall not prevail.


‘In the great journal of things happening under the sun, we, the American People, find our account running, under date of the nineteenth century of the Christian era. — We find ourselves in the peaceful possession, of the fairest portion of the earth, as regards extent of territory, fertility of soil, and salubrity of climate. We find ourselves under the government of a system of political institutions, conducing more essentially to the ends of civil and religious liberty, than any of which the history of former times tells us. We, when mounting the stage of existence, found ourselves the legal inheritors of these fundamental blessings.


At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it? — Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never! — All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years.


At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.” -  The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions: Lincoln's address to the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois (27 January 1838)


“It is the eternal struggle between these two principles — right and wrong — throughout the world. They are the two principles that have stood face to face from the beginning of time; and will ever continue to struggle. The one is the common right of humanity, and the other the divine right of kings. It is the same principle in whatever shape it develops itself. It is the same spirit that says, "You toil and work and earn bread, and I'll eat it."


No matter in what shape it comes, whether from the mouth of a king who seeks to bestride the people of his own nation and live by the fruit of their labor, or from one race of men as an apology for enslaving another race, it is the same tyrannical principle. At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.” - Fourth Lincoln-Douglas Debate (18 September 1858).


I seek nether fame or fortune, but the very principles of freedom, seeking a better understanding of my world future generations shall inherit. Like old soldiers I too shall fade away as so many before me, and those that have fallen in recent time shall, unless remembered and honored by those still living, while my prayers go out to there families and loved ones they left behind, always remembering there sacrifices, hardships they endured, and with reverend respect I shall proudly honor fallen patriots and dear departed now laminated in the hearts of their loved ones.


Those that chose not to honor our fallen patriots know this, I’m not your friend nor shall I rest until your defeated. You are the enemy of all decent people and anyone who supports the pillars of liberty. To blame our fallen patriots death on the tolerance of a nation bound to support liberty and equality for all is not only ridiculous but extremely offensive and those that dishonor the dead will one day regret their position.


As I honor my ancestors, who gave so much to secure our freedoms, I am saddened their struggle is not yet confirmed by nations of the Middle East who neither desire nor seek liberty. Customs of old that won’t bend for a more gentle and peaceful association with neighbors, brothers and sisters, and now a world wide threat, not only to the Pillars of liberty but humanity itself.


Fascism in every form, must forever be defeated if governments in all it forms who seek only peace, shall prevail, and to wait until the threat reaches your door step, allows for the possibility of a nations destruction.


There is no doubt in my mind that the Lebanese people are in the midst of a civil war and their fight must be the international communities fight or nation after nation shall topple.


Afghanistan and Iraq, new to democracy have the opportunity to establish their own Pillars of liberty, and the resolve of the United States of America and collation forces will guarantee it.


Hezbollah, the Taliban, and al Qaeda are not the ordained rulers of mankind nor does their religion have any significant value accompanied with present disregard for human life.


Early emigrants of the new world in the Americas, and those that followed from all reaches of the world, bringing with them ideologies as diverse as the food we eat, have been able to live in peace because of the sacrifices of the Civil War patriots, a nation divided cannot stand, a people united will prevail. Patriots of all wars and conflicts from the end of that great tragedy that united a people, guaranteeing equality and justice for all, until present day have secured the continuation of the Pillars of Liberty.


If we forget our beginning, or have not the time to remember where it all began, the human experience of the past will merely become e a distant memory and the end shall surely be our fate.


To Abraham God said: “That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies.


And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.


And again, the inspired prophetic parting blessing upon Rebekah, leaving her family to become the wife of Isacc: And they blessed Rebekah, and said unto her, Thou art our sister, be thou the mother of thousands opf millions, and let thy seed possess the gate of those which hate them.


The correct Fenton translation is: “...and your race shall possess the gate (plural) of its enemies”.


“Abraham's wife, Sarah, gave her handmaiden Haggar to him as she couldn't have children. Haggar produced Ismael. (Big mistake on Abraham's part) then later when Haggar started getting uppity with Sarah, Sarah asked him to get rid of Haggar”


Haggar’s son Ishmael was promised by God, that a great nation would rise from his descendants and today who has all the major oil reserves in the world, not with standing Venezuela and Mexico and in the past, the Soviet Union.


America and Great Brittan at one time controlled the gate ways of the oceans and more then half of the tillable temperate-zone lands of the earth after 1800AD. The rich agricultural lands of the Mississippi Valley; the vast wheat and grain fields of the Midwest, of Canada and Australia; the great Forest Lands of the Pacific Norwest and other parts of the world; the gold fields of South Africa, Australia, United Sates (Alaska) and British Isles; natural waterfalls and means of power and consequent prosperous industrial and manufacturing districts of England and the eastern U.S.; the choicest fruit lands of our Pacific Coast and Florida. What other nations combined ever possessed such material wealth? And nearly all this wealth came to us after A.D. 1800.


How significant, then, that Robert Fulton operated the first steamboat in 1803, precisely when Britain; and America suddenly began to multiply in national wealth! And also that it was the nineteenth century that saw the development of the railroads.


Notice Genesis 39:2, 23 – The eternal was with Joseph, and he was a prosperous man….the Eternal was with him, and that which he did, the Eternal made it prosper. And God did prosper Joseph’s descendants, most likely Britain and America, with the fabulous birthright promised Joseph’s sons.


Consider Moses’ dying prophetic blessing, foretelling what would happen to each of the tribes of Israel in the latter days. And of Joseph he said, Blessed of the Lord be his land, for the precious things of heaven, for the dew, and for the deep that coucheth beneath, and for the precious fruits brought forth by the sun, and for the precious things put forth by the moon, and for the chief things of the lasting hills, and for the precious things of the earth and fullness thereof. …….let the blessing come upon the head of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh both)..His glory is like the firstling (firstborn (birthright holder)) of his bullock, and his horns are like the horns of unicorns (Great Britain’s national seal)….with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth: and they are the ten thousands of Ephraim, and they are the thousands of Manasseh.


Whoever is Ephraim and Manasseh today must have been in possession of the earth’s choicest agricultural, mineral, iron, oil (carbon monoxide), coal (acid rain), nuclear energy (nuclear waste), timber and other resources.


Just to what extent has almighty God fulfilled his promise in us to the descendants of Joseph in these latter years since A.D. 1800; promises of the “precious fruits brought forth by the sun……the chief things of the ancient mountains and the precious things of the earth”?


Said Charles M. Schwab, steel magnate, before the Massachusetts Bankers Association, January 5, 1921:”Our United States has been endowed by God with everything to make it and keep it the foremost industrial and commercial nation of the world” (today with global trade and major differences in wages who knows).


World petroleum output in 1950 was almost 3,800 million barrels. Of this total the United States alone produced more than one half, nearly 52%. Together, the British Commonwealth and the U.S. produced 60% of the crude petroleum, not including our vast foreign investments. But by 1966, the fateful year in which the British Colonial Office in London closed its door, that 60% of the entire world’s crude petroleum output had been reduced to 32%.


Britain and America mined 1 ½ times as much coal as all other nations combined. But by 1966 our portion had shrunk to less than one-third of the world production.


Together, the British Commonwealth and America produced, in 1950, threeforths of the world’s steel, the U.S. alone producing 1 1/3 times as much as pig iron as all other nations combined.


By 1966, this basic index of wealth had skidded down to one-third (33.6%) of steel production and only 17.8%of pig iron.


In 1950, we possessed nearly 95% of the world’s nickel (chiefly from Canada); 80% of the world’s aluminum and 75% of the zinc; as compared to 1966 figures of: Nickel: 3.6%; Aluminum: 40.2% and Zinc: 12.4%.


In 1950, the British Commonwealth completely dominated the production of chromate (from South Africa). Together Brittan and America produced two-thirds of the world’s rubber, and dominated the world’s copper, lead, tin, bauxite and other precious metal outputs. But by 1966, we produced only 2.3% of the world’s chromate, 23.4% of its copper, 9.9% of its lead, no tin and 6.3% of its bauxite.


The British Commonwealth produced two-thirds of the world’s gold, about 1266,000,000 (642 million) in 1950, while the U.S. had three times as much gold reserve as the total for the rest of the world. Ut by 1966 the U.S. was in serious jeopardy.


We produced and utilized two-thirds of the world’s output of electricity, the U.S. producing 283 thousand million kilowatt-hours in 1948, and the United Kingdom and Canada outstripping Russia, Germany and France combined. But by 1966 we produced only 20.1%.


Great Brittan and the United States did possess well over half of the world’s merchant fleet tonnage. But by 1966 the figure was only 32.5%. At one time the British Isles constructed more vessels than any other place on earth and by 1966; several other nations outstripped Brittan and America. Today the U.S. has 6 major ship yards building ships with around 45,000 production workers. In 1950, we also possessed about one-half of the world’s railroad mileage. By 1966 our combined railway freight shipping was only 26% of the world total, due in large to trucking.


Where as the United States alone once produced 73% of the automobiles, by 1966, the U.S. combined with the U.K. produced 55% (44%) from the United States alone. In 1966, Japan, Germany, France, and Italy began making huge gains in production and sales.


It is within our grasp to defeat fascism if we unite in the effort and exploitation of renewable energy technologies will pave the way for our future energy needs if only we marry ourselves as a nation of people to these goals, yet dishonoring our own does noting for our cause.


Every year in America 100,000s of teenagers are becoming of voting age and if there not to deep into video games, televising the events of 9/11 should be at least an annual tradition to keep everyone sober, and God forbid an even greater tragedy occur, we may begin televising more often attacks from Shake-n-Bake NUTS on us or our allies.


Our nation becoming more and more lawless, with over a million in our jails and flagrant disrespect for the law resulting in the death of hundreds of law enforcement officers each year, and “here it is approx half way through the year and sixty-six (66) Police Officers have already lost their lives. Getting up each day and putting on a uniform be it Military or Civilian that makes you a target takes allot of courage.” - SERGEANT MAJOR of the FORUM


This Day in History & Today's News


"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania (1759)


My father now is proud of me I'm sure, but when I joined the Navy he boycotted my graduation. Now he’s a constitutional ranger as many years ago he evolved and followed his personal religious beliefs rather then an institution or a man. Sometimes you have to break out for yourself and your own ideas.


The issues of today are not unlike those of yesterday, whether we as a nation of free people will up hold what is wrong or right, whether we will support the ideals of the past, remain stead fast in our devotion to liberty and if necessary give our lives for the preservation of the living constitution.


Before us, possibly our greatest challenge of a nation faces us, and what we do to change the tides will dictate our future, a future counted in blood from countless Patriots who gave their lives so we could be secure in our homes from oppression both at home and aboard.


We find ourselves embroiled in diversity as to whether we should fight those who oppose our very way of life, diversity that comes from both Americans and people from every nation as to whether we should unite to fight a global war on terror, the stake of humanity itself in the balance.


It is not for me to say, that our allies are with us or not, but by their actions alone, we will no who stands on the side of right and who stands on the side of wrong.


“Iran is a significant, respected player in the Middle East which is playing a stabilizing role, French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said on Monday.”In the region there is of course a country such as Iran – a great country, a great people and a great civilization which is respected and which plays a stabilizing role in the region," he told a news conference.”,7340,L-3284157,00.html


While we attempt to digest these words from Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy, we must remember that France has been beside us from the beginning as so elegantly put by French Major General Bastien at Valley Forge on Alliance Day in 2003


“In the past and as we speak, our soldier always have been fighting side by side for common values. It has always been the case and I am convinced that it will continue to be the case.


I would like to remind everyone that the USA and France have never been at war against each other.


Our countries have fought side by side from the very beginning, in Norfolk and elsewhere, to help your ancestors win the Revolutionary War, to help them set up a free and independent nation you can be proud of.


I also wish to remind everyone that the Statue of Liberty, standing in New York Harbor, was given by the people of France to the people of the United States, in October 1886, in recognition of the friendship established between our 2 countries during the American Revolution. As we all know, this statue, now a world heritage site, has grown as the most universal symbol of political freedom and democracy, two values that we have been sharing from the very beginning and will continue to share.


A few decades after this famous statue was given to your country, both our countries fought again side by side during WWI. During that terrible war, France, a country the size of Texas, with a population of less than 38 million people at the time, paid a very high price with the death of more than 1.4 million young men and women.


During that War, just like Lafayette's soldiers did for the newly established United State, thousands of young American soldiers, under the command of General Pershing, gave their lives to enable my country to recover its liberty. This is something the French people will never forget.


In all nations of the world, there are those who seek liberty above all things, and while it may not be visible and public sentiments both in the United States and abroad sometimes seem unwilling to openly criticize fascism in all it’s form, throughout the world, when the cry of Freedom is heard, true believers of liberty will assemble, defeating thy enemy, for right is surely on the side of true Patriots.


In the up coming trials and tribulations we as a people must endure, surely the greatest threat is ourselves if we don’t unite in a common effort, a common goal, to defeat fascism, the very enemy to liberty.


As Americans assemble at our State Capital on the 12th of August, 10,000 strong, protesting our nation’s involvement in the Iraq War, support of Israel from un provoked attacks from those only desirous of their defeat, with one goal, the extermination of the State of Israel and the Jewish people, and our continued support of young democracies in Afghanistan Iraq and Lebanon, that given time will flourish if those influencing through terror tactics are defeated; let us remember, that Americans in there diversity, who themselves desire peace, are frustrated with the resolve of our President to protect them, feel the only course is to back off, in hopes that fascism will some how go away or not approach our boarders if we give in and let Hezbollah, the Taliban, and al Qaeda do what they want, to who they want, when ever they want to do it.


To step back now, is to usurer in our defeat, to go forward, with the resolve our ancestors during the Civil War and our Revolutionary War had, the resolve of true Patriots to the Temple of the Pillars of Liberty, will see our way through the trials and tribulations of the future.


When the descendants of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh throughout all reaches and parts of the world unite against a common threat, the threat of true believers of liberty, fascism in all its form will be defeated.


Where Joseph’s descedants emigrated too throughout the world, we know not, but we can assume their with us today, emigrating to all reaches of the world, to include the new world, present day South and North Americas, from countries in Europe from France, Germany, Spain, Great Brittan, Australia, Holland and countless other countries, nations themselves divided on issues confronting every free spirited soul.


In general, people of all nationalities with the exception of Hezbollah, the Taliban, and al Qaeda desire peace, but during trying times, its often easier to follow rather then lead, allowing others to dictate your future in fear of retaliation.


The Lebanese people have been terrorized so long, their accustomed to it and until that day, when their oppressors are squelched, they will know no peace, nor will they embrace liberty, Freedom, Equality and Justice for all.


Make no doubt about it, their defeat is our own, and if democracy can only exist in the United States of America or those countries who seek our governments protection to preserve their liberties, then Freedom will not prevail for the subjects who take liberty fore granted.


Enemies of Freedom are the enemies to mankind and fascism in all its form has no place in a free society, and if I must choose a side, I choose the side of liberty.



Terrorism is a plague on humanity as a whole and must be eliminated

Americans must be united against terrorism in all forums, at home and aboard, elimination of all terrorist organizations throughout the world must become America's goal.


Terrorism has grown throughout the world and has firmly established a foundation that once and for all must be destroyed.


In behalf of my comrades in arms who died serving their country fighting against terrorism and recent and past American and Foreign National casualties of war; others or I will never forget their call to duty, sacrifice, innocence lives lost and the pain and suffering inflicted as a result of terrorist acts upon America and other peace loving nations.

If the world can become united against terrorism, the death of countless citizens both military and civilian will not have been in vain.

Terrorism in all forms publicly announced and supported by the leaders of terrorist organizations will be held accountable.

We ask nothing less of every citizen, to be accountable for our actions.

Active duty personnel must carry out America's Mission against Terrorism as others have done in the past.

In the past however, those of us who fought terrorism, did not have the blessing that comes from a united commitment from the country we serve.

A world United is the only clear response. Everything else has failed.

On the battle field time is the only true enemy. Many a solider has picked up a fallen comrades weapon to continue a good fight.

There is a time for crying, mourning and a time for action. A solider rarely has a moment in a battlefield to stop and reflect a fallen comrade.

A solider knows their plight only to well.

I am a solider so my first reaction is action. Yet I am now a civilian so I have the opportunity to reflect.

When civilians are systematically taken out in a revengeful, calculated and malice action; often there is space for reflection, prayers, conversation, investigations and research by us not harmed or in arms way.


Sons and daughters of American citizens have and will continue to see action in remote areas of the world.

To focus on and know your enemy like the back of your hand will keep you alive.

This will not be an easy war and those against the U. S. and the world majority will cause us all problems.

There will be a day soon to come, when terrorism will be rendered null and void.

This day, a cheerful day, will unite the world.

America's Armed Forces Personnel will make it possible to accomplish America’s goal and informed civilians who know who’s who in terrorism will inform others so they might question their surroundings.

I question anything new in my environment. I look for the unusual and the strange. I do not spy nor do I invade my fellow Americans privacy, I merely stay informed.

When U. S. Military Personnel leave for battles in remote areas of the world, be grateful that your congress approved billions of dollars as a first step to fight terrorism.


Enemies to Liberty:


Top of the List: Hezbollah, the Taliban, and al Qaeda desire


Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) - Palestinian


·Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) - Filipino


·Armed Islamic Group (GIA) - Algerian


·Aum Shinrikyo (Aum) - Japanese


·Euzkadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) - Basque


·Democratic Front for the Liberation of Plestine - Hawatmeh Faction (DFLP) - Palestinian


·HAMAS (Islamic Resistance Movement) - Palestinian


·Harakat ul-Ansar (HUA) - Pakistani


·Hizbollah/Hezbollah (Party of God) – Lebanese, backed by Iran and Syria


·Gama'a al-Islamiyya (Islamic Group, IG) - Egyptian


·Japanese Red Army (JRA) - Japanese


·al-Jihad - Egyptian


·Kach - Jewish ·Kahane Chai - Jewish


·Khmer Rouge - Cambodian


·Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) - Turkish Kurdish


·Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) - Sri Lankan


·Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front Dissidents (FPMR/D) - Chilean


·Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO) - Iranian


·National Liberation Army (ELN) - Colombian


·Palestine Islamic Jihad - Shaqaqi Faction (PIJ) - Palestinian


·Palestine Liberation Front - Abu Abbas Faction (PLF) - Palestinian


·Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) - Palestinian


·Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command (PFLP-GC) - Palestinian ·Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) - Colombian


·Revolutionary Organization 17 November - Greek


·Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C) - Turkish


·Revolutionary People's Struggle (ELA) - Greek


·Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso, SL) - Peruvian


·Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) - Peruvian


Usamah Bin Mohammad Bin Laden, known in the Western world as Osama bin-Laden fought against the Soviets in Afghanistan, and he participated in the battles of the Jalalabad with the Arab mujahedin and now he is fighting a battle or 'Jihad,' with the United States. In the past three years, prior to 9/11 issued three fatwa's declaring war on the American forces in Saudi Arabia. In these same three years, 24 Americans have died in two vicious bombings at US installations in the cities of Riyadh and Al-Khobar. Evidence continues to mount against the one individual, who has a worth of more than $US250 million, that he is not only the financier behind the bombings, but also personally ordered them as well.


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Patterns of Global Terrorism: 1997 Appendix B Background Information on Terrorist Groups




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