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The Fed Plays All Its Cards - October 2012
By: Peter Schiff, CEO and Chief Global Strategist 


Operation Screw

By: Peter Schiff, CEO and Chief Global Strategist 

Friday, September 14, 2012


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"The Seventeen Solutions: Bold Ideas for Our American Future." - 21 October 2012

Ralf Nader


A simple question, yet finding out the answer is tough.


Have you considered that government investments into power plants could generate revenue if government invested 40 percent and private citizens or entities invested 60 percent through a system called Federal Renewable Reserve Depository (FRRD)? Economic strength is associated with military strength. Comments on the October 16, 2012 Presidential debate and Introduction of Energy Quest, FRRD, FEFQ & RPRIDE.


Comments on the October 16, 2012 Presidential debate and Introduction of:


Energy Quest Publications

Energy Quest Encyclopedia’s Energy Efficient Devices/Products

National Deficit Federal Renewable Reserve Depository (FRRD)

Renewable Exploitation Financial Quest (FEFQ)

Renewable Production Return Investment Development Exploitation (RPRIDE)

Part I & II


    President Obama gave his best but does not have vast knowledge to grow an economy nor do anything but project trillion dollar plus annual deficits for the next four years and not securing the Libyan Embassy with a detachment of marines or protecting Embassy property in Egypt, suggest missing 60 percent of our nations Presidential intelligent briefings in my view, coupled with 101 golf excursions so far since he was elected, in addition to vacations in Hawaii, campaigning while Americans have been killed, you would think an intelligent briefing at the Pentagon would be in order for any President but I phone carrying Obama, suggest President Obama is the one out of touch with the realities of Embassy security; resulting in a lack of or complete understand that marines protect embassies.


    The lack of security provided at the Libya Embassy after the Embassy was bombed, making a forty foot whole in the fence I read is testimony that security for government property or personnel was not the top priority, especially since the Liban government newly formed has no power or means to protect Americans after a civil war just recently concluded.


    To bring attention to such things put President Obama on the spot and he was angered a little expressing, his first priority overseas was government personnel, so I’m left with thinking it was his policy that lead to the death of four Americans as a result of an terrorist attack rather then the reported movie inflaming Muslim.


    What policy am I speaking of? Consulate is not an Embassy and does not have a Marine Detachment.


    While both Sectary H. Clinton and President Obama took responsibility for the Libyan Embassy attack, resulting in four Americans death and after two weeks of trying to convince Americans it was do to a bad movie depicting the warrior Mohammad badly so I have heard, finally the administration acknowledged it was a terrorist attack while President Obama had an alibi for a few words he said initially which is at odds with his own Ambassadors words echoed by the media for weeks that it wasn’t a terrorist attack until the intelligence briefing came out declaring it a terrorist attack.


    Furthermore, days later President Obama blamed it on the movie and allowed his staff and the media spin out of control, so stop playing games and tell the truth straight forward.


    Yet die hard reporters still exclaim it was the movie and the day of the debate.


Dispute Over Libya Attack: Reporter Says Militants Attacked Because Of Video, Not 9-11 - Tuesday, October 16, 2012


    Libyan followers of the Ansar al-Shariah Brigades chant anti-U.S. slogans during a protest in September, as part of widespread anger over a film ridiculing Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. The Libyan-based Islamic militant group Ansar al-Shariah is one of the leading suspects in the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya that killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans.


    Libyan followers of the Ansar al-Shariah Brigades chant anti-U.S. ... make it clear that a Consulate is not an Embassy and does not have a Marine Detachment. ... There is/wasn't no United States Libya Benghazi 'consulate


    President Obama likes to play hide and seek from the actions of his Zars, Sectaries and staff when its in convenient politically to exclaim others were just following his polices and orders.


    President Obama and Mit Romney called each other out numerous times, exclaiming that’s just not true.

    I can’t believe truth is so distorted, so false in its origination for the purpose of what? Both nominees called each other a lire in directly in my view several times and since I know a few facts about Obama’s policies, I can tell you Romney is telling the truth, that America will not survive and will become captive to its debtors if we continue on a path of no growth and regulations chocking off small and large businesses with an ever growing entitlement debt as well as pensions.


    Wealth creates jobs, not employees unless they join together and fund a project or creation of a product or service, because idle money has no future, so lets create renewable revenue for our government.



National Deficit Federal Renewable Reserve Depository (FRRD)

Renewable Exploitation Financial Quest (FEFQ)

Renewable Production Return Investment Development Exploitation (RPRIDE)


    Our nation’s future is totally reliant upon productivity, yet achievement of those goals necessary to establish programs, achieving success for our nation’s productive, everlasting growth.


     Realities today are beckoning us to act but will we?


    All sorts of factors have contributed to this world’s ailing economy, but the most impacting of all factors has been growing governments, less revenue brought into the treasury resulting in borrowing 46 cents on every dollar spent by the government, borrowed revenue collected through others purchasing Treasury bonds like the Feds and China, entitlements and pensions.



    When I first published Energy Quest in 1979, I really thought the energy crisis was equivalent to a national war like former President Jimmy Carter announced.  For years I’ve believed that Renewable Energy Technologies, if only invested in, would some how make America Energy Efficient and self reliant.


    Surprisingly, and to my amazement, oil companies have renewable energy platforms there investing in these days, which defaults my original intentions that any entity that owned more then 20 percent in any non renewable energy source, which at the time included coal and oil, would not be allowed to invest in FRRD Projects, which at the time favored renewable energy technologies.


    At no time was FRRD ever to invest in any private company in order to advance renewable energy technologies, yet tax credits were encouraged for energy efficient devices and products.


    When a government assumes full responsibility in providing commercial loans to any entity that produces a product, it assumes full liability and billions can be lost when government manipulates the market place when a company fails.


    Under President Obamas Administration, Mit Romney expressed 45 billion has been lost in Green investments to include battery and solar panel manufacturers. Today, October 16, 2012, it was announced an additional 400 million was lost as a battery manufacture that the government invested in filed for bankruptcy protection.


    No plan was ever announced by Obama other then 90 billion dollars invested in Green Technologies and trade your car in and get a credit so the metal could be sent to Japan. Isn’t that out sourcing or manipulating a market? I guess no plan is a plan.


    While you may be in different to FRRD as it was addressed when Energy Quest Encyclopedia’s Energy Efficient Devices/Products was published in 1986, while the 1982 version was the foundation and revised, today FRRD could easily handle any kind of power plant development, anima/human waste mediation plant, coal plants, investing in smoke mediation which can be done by introducing the upper atmosphere environment where acid rain is created when the smoke mixes with cold air, sleet, rain or snow.


    The structure can be constructed 200 feet above ground with three trunks or limbs spread out over an acre attached to the smoke chamber.


    While I included natural resource exploitation as being eligible in my FRRD introduction addressed in a separate letter on this web site and, leasing public/federal lands to oil and gas companies is most likely an affective way to create revenue, yet the lease must generate revenue appropriate to the resource exploited based on the profit from exploiting the peoples natural resources.


    Basically FRRD was designed to work with Energy Quest which supported renewable energy technologies and energy efficient devices and products.


    Renewable power plants originally were encouraged but none were built in 42 years since the first publication of Energy Quest.


    Our country didn’t have the debt or entitlements we have today in 1979, 1982, 1986 or 2001, yet FRRD will still work if only given the opportunity to bridge the gap between investors and government on RPRIDE projects earning renewable revenue.


    Often change within industry or the way in which energy is produced and supplied is slow to adapt to new technologies.


    We have allowed government free reign over our lives and environment by not participating in government affairs to the extinct necessary by Americans to stay informed, thereby allowing our government to conclude international agreements relating to increased United Nation Powers to tax Americans and Gun control are in the best interest of the American people.


    Catastrophic economic collapse is at our doorstep, highlighted by the failing monetary system of the U.S. solely administered by the Federal Reserve Board and their private collection agency the IRS whom loan the American people there own money back so the government won’t own the monetary system, keeping it private at an enormous cost to the American people.


    Its worse then paying a charge on a credit card for using your own money on a secured credit card and the only way to get out of debt in conjunction with an energy driven economy, smaller government, lower investment or dividend taxes from investments and or the elimination of said same to include lowering capital gain tax in conjunction with a 6 percent national sales tax allocated to FRRD. Lowering corporate tax from 30 percent to 15 or 16 percent and not taxing corporate income earned overseas provided a percentage of income brought back into American Banks is reinvested into America creating a specific number of jobs per year or not. The issue is creating an environment that will encourage American companies operating over seas to bring there cash back to America, so not taxing interest earned is smart economics.


    Reducing or even eliminating capital gain tax with FRRD operating would be just another elimination of the tax code as the national sales tax grows in a twenty year period, adjusting the national sales tax from the 20 to 21 percent it will have grown to, to 30 percent if necessary provided the Feds and 70,000 plus pages of tax code is eliminated and the Fed’s retired in favor of FRRD. No employment tax ever collected by the government after the twenty year Fed elimination program administered by FRRD is complete.


    Personally I don’t believe any further increase past 21 percent would ever be necessary since twenty years of investments will have occurred generating trillions in revenue.


    Simple math proves this assertion with 250 billion invested into RPRIDE earning renewable revenue partnering with the American people rather then giving tax payers revenue away to failed enterprises.


    In twenty years the national deficit would be paid off and imagine what that will do for the economy, resulting in more Americans moving up into the middle class.


45 Billion Lost in Green Job Development by the Federal Government – 6 October 2012

Federal Renewable Reserve Depository (FRRD) and Americas Plight or EQNEED Inc. Founder 2012 Politics – 1


Energy Quest Encyclopedia’s Energy Efficient Devices/Products


1 of 6 pages of EQ History and EQ NEEDF Letters: (1); (2); (3); (4); (5) and (6) from 1979 to 2001 frozen in time.


    While the publication that follows is married to renewable energy technologies, presented in books published in 1982, 1986 and revised in 2001, FRRD can be adjusted to accommodate all energy related growth through government/private investment of power plant exploitation in particular, accompanied with RPRIDE through Renewable Exploitation Financial Quest (FEFQ), projects authorized by the congress for FRRD to invest in, generating renewable revenue:


Energy Quest Publications

Energy Quest Encyclopedia’s Energy Efficient Devices/Products

National Deficit Federal Renewable Reserve Depository (FRRD)

Renewable Exploitation Financial Quest (FEFQ)

Renewable Production Return Investment Development Exploitation (RPRIDE)


    A revival of this worlds economies will only happen when growth begins in earnest again, while few countries could even implement FRRD, since FRRD is based on natural resource and energy development exploitation toward self reliance in an energy driven economy; while slowing the growth of government and visiting entitlements adjusting the amount paid in by everyone to off set people living longer then was originally anticipated when social security was created.


    I do not believe for one minute we can continue the path were on and unless we focus on creating a renewable revenue program beyond taxes and lease revenue from natural resources, importation of personal appliances and stuff, alcohol and tobacco tax, interest from delinquent tax payers and many other vehicles from taxing interest earned on savings from income you already paid taxes on, to ROBBING THE DEAD THROUGH ESTATE TAXES.


    The issue is government control beyond what is absolutely necessary over industry and American lives through regulations and taxation.


    It’s about freedom and perusing your goals without being taxed to death.


    Liberties extend further then free sex, to be free from over taxation is a liberty dwindling.


    I now it sounds unfair that those who paid taxes on there income, saved there money to invest, making wise investments that resulted in creating wealth, should be penalized through more taxes then 13 to 15 percent unless you want the economy to fail.


    The government can’t have all the money. Investments must be made. From what I’ve read, Mit Romney has made millions in donations each year benefiting countless and his brothers and sisters of his faith.


    To assume that others whom would not have to pay investment taxes under Romney’s proposal would not benefit is down right wrong.


    Less taxation grows an economy and a 25,000.00 tax payer deduction for everyone is a measure of reality I can understand but since Romney is a negotiator nothing is in stone as he is interested in fixing the economy.


I’m sure to stay the course means disaster for our economy once or before the national deficit reach 21 trillion.


    To allow the free enterprise system to function properly is to up hold a valuable and cost affective system of enterprise.






















Energy Quest Encyclopedia’s Energy Efficient Devices/Products, FRRD, FEFQ & RPRIDE

Part I & II

                ENERGY QUEST National Energy Efficient Development Inc.

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