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H.R. 6 - Improving America's Schools Act of 1994, One Hundred Third Congress of the United States of America AT THE SECOND SESSION Begun and held at the City of Washington on Tuesday, the twenty-fifth day of January, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-four - An Act To extend for five years the authorizations of appropriations for the programs under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, and for certain other purposes.  Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled."


The Boise School District is organized into four areas for administrative purposes. Though the regions are somewhat geographical in nature, the Timberline Area is host to the District's specialized programs, such as alternative schools and vocational programs.


Schools are listed according to an assigned administrative area. Students from some neighborhoods of an elementary or junior high school attendance area may attend a junior high school or high school, which is different from that shown on the map.


Boise High Area (North and East Boise)

Borah High Area (West and Southwest Boise)

Capital High Area (West and Northwest Boise)

Timberline (Southeast Boise)


Please contact the Boise School District Transportation Office at (208) 338-3661 for specific information regarding school attendance areas or visit our Boundary page: 


Boise School Districts (Who do I call)


Boise Idaho.Net


Boise School District Transportation Office


"The Boise School District serves a 456 square mile area of Ada County, Idaho with 34 elementary schools, 8 junior high schools, and 5 high schools serving 27,000 students. With our top priority being the safety of these students, the Transportation and Boundaries Office supervises the operations of the school bus contractor, Durham School Services and the Adult School Crossing Guard contractor, United Security Systems. We also provide information to our patrons about school attendance area boundaries."


High schools The Heritage Foundation. IDAHO


Independent School District of Boise City


Link to Staff Development and School Improvement Resources


Universities & Colleges and Public Schools


Visit the Boise Schools


Boise High (10-12)

Borah High (10-12)

Capital High (10-12)

Timberline High (10-12)


Middle schools School Boundaries and Map


East Junior High (7-9)

Fairmont Junior High (7-9)

Hillside Junior High (7-9)

Les Bois Junior High (7-9)

North Junior High (7-9)

Riverglen Junior High (7-9)

South Junior High (7-9)


Elementary schools School Boundaries and Map


Adams Elementary (k-6)

Amity Elementary (k-6)

Cole Elementary (k-6)

Collister Elementary (k-6)

Cynthia Mann Elementary (k-6)

Franklin Elementary (k-6)

Garfield Elementary (k-6)

Hawthorne Elementary (k-6)

Highlands Elementary (k-6)

Hillcrest Elementary (k-6)

Horizon Elementary (K-6)

Jackson Elementary (K-6)

Jefferson Elementary (K-6)

Koelsch Elementary (k-6)

Liberty Elementary (k-6)

Longfellow Elementary (k-6)

Lowell Elementary (k-6)

Madison Elementary (k-6)

Maple Grove Elementary (k-6)

Mckinley Elementary (k-6)

Monroe Elementary (k-6)

Mountain View Elementary (k-6)

Owyhee Elementary (k-6)

Pierce Elementary (k-6)

Riverside Elementary (k-6)

Roosevelt Elementary (k-6)

Shadow Hills Elementary (K-6)

Trail Wind Elementary (k-6)

Valley View Elementary (K-6)

Washington Elementary (k-6)

White Pine Elementary (k-6)

Whitney Elementary (k-6)

Whittier Elementary (K-6)

William Howard Taft Elementary (k-6)


Alternative schools


Booth Memorial

Fort Boise site of Mountain Cove High

Mountain Cove High


Meridian School District High schools


Centennial High (9-12)

Eagle High (9-12)

Meridian High (9-12)


Middle Schools


Eagle Middle (6-8)

Lake Hazel Middle (6-8)

Lewis and Clark Middle (6-8)

Lowell Scott Middle (6-8)

Meridian Middle (6-8)


Elementary Schools


Cecil D. Andms Elementary (K-S)

Chapparal Elementary (K-S)

Chief Joseph Elementary (K-S)

Eagle Elementary (K-S)

Eagle Hills Elementary (K-S)

Eliza Hart Elementary (K-S)

Frontier Elementary (K-S)

Joplin Elementary (K-S)

Lake Hazel Elementary (K-S)

Linder Elementary (K-S)

McMillan Elementary (K-S)

Mary Mcphearson Elementary (K-S)

Meridian Elementary (K-S)

Peregrine Elementary (K-S)

Pioneer Elementary (K-S)

R;dgewood Elementary (K-S)

River Valley Elementary (K-S)

Seven Oaks Elementary (K-S)

Silver Sage Elementary (K-S)

Star Elementary (K-S)

Summerwind Elementary (K-S)

Ustick Elementary (K-S)


Alternative Schools


Crossroads Middle

Eagle Academy

Meridian Academy




Idaho - School Choice

"Treasure Valley residents have a variety of private schools from which to choose.  These schools include conservative Christian academies, Catholic schools and secular schools. Here is a the list of schools:"  School cost as of September 2000.


Boise Christian School


Address:  219 N. Roosevelt St. - Number of students: 70

Grades:  K-6 - Cost: $2,000

Phone:  208-342-4529


Bishop Kelly High School


Address:  7009 Franklin Road, Boise - Number of students: 700

Grades:  9-12

Cost:  $3,500, Catholic; $4,200 non-Catholic

Phone:  208-375-6010


Boise Valley Adventists School


Address:  925 N. Cloverdale Road - Number of students: 140

Grades:  K-8

Cost: $2,450

Phone:  208-376-7141


Caldwell Adventists Elementary School


Address:  2317 Wisconsin Ave., Caidwell - Number of students: 90

Grades:  K-8

Cost:  $2,200

Phone:  208-459-4313


Calvary Chapel Academy


Address: 5312 Overland Road - Number of students: 35

Grades:  K-8

Cost:  $2,220


Cole Valley Christian Schools


Grades: K-S

Cost: $967.50 for church members; $1,935 for non-members

Phone:  208-343-4690


Foothills School of Arts and Sciences


Address:  618 S. Eighth St. Number of students: 160

Grades:  K-9

Cost:  $5,195

Phone:  331-9260


Foundations Academy


Address:  202 E. 42nd St., Garden City, Number of students: 190

Cost:  $1,500-$2,800

Phone:  323-3888


Gem State Academy


Address: 16115 South Montana Ave., Caldwell

Cost:  $5,000

Phone: 459-1627


Grace Christian Academy


Address:  1415 West Lone Star Road, Nampa, Number of students: 50

Cost:  $1,350

Phone:  454-0849


Greenleaf Friends Academy


Address:  20565 Academy Road, Greenleaf - Number of students: 275

Cost:  $3,296

Phone:  459-6346


Good Shepherd School


Address:  5009 Cassia St., Boise - Number of students: 25

Grades:  K-5

Cost: $967.50 for church members; $1,935 for non-members

Phone:  208-343-4690


Maranatha Christian School


Address:  12000 Fairview - Number of students: 200

Grades:  K-12

Cost $2,695 to $3,095

Phone:  208-377-0423


Nampa Christian Schools


Address: 439 W. Orchard Ave. - Number of students: 700

Grades:  K-12

Cost:  $1 ,500-$2,900

Phone:  208-466-8451


RiverStone Community School (formerly Hidden Spring Community School)


Address: 5493 Warm Spring Ave. - Number of students: 110

Grades:  K-12

Cost: $5,900 to $7,600

Phone:  208-424-5000


Rose Hill Montessori School


Address: 4603 Albion St., Boise - Number of students: 70

Grades:  k-6

Cost: $4,050

Phone:  208-385-7674


Sheridan Academy


Address:  1273 Shoreline Drive - Number of students: 25

Grades:  K-12

Cost: $4,000


St. Joseph’s Elementary School


Address:  825 W. Fort St., Boise - Number of students: 286

Cost $2,600.00

Phone 208-342-4909


St Mary’s Elementary School


Address:  2612 W. State St., Boise – Number of students: 240

Cost $1,925, parish students; $2,700 non-parish students    

Phone 208-342-7611


St Mark’s Elementary School


Address:  7053 Northview St., Boise – Number of students: 265

Cost:  $2,016, parish students; $2,750 non-parish students

Phone:  208-375-6654 


St. Paul’s Elementary School


Address:  1515 Eighth St. South, Nampa – Number of Students: 260

Cost:  $1,650, parish students; $2,100 non-parish students

Phone: 467-3601


Sacred Heart Elementary School


Number of students: 228

Cost:  $1,695 for parish students; $2,145 for non-parish students

Phone: 344-9738


Teen Challenge Academy Christian Alternative School


Address:  11826 Fairview Ave., Boise

Grades:  10-18 years of age

Cost:  $3,600, a year round school

Phone:  208-375-4636



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